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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Moo Blue

I wasn't trying to mean mug in this pic. Husband started taking photos before I was ready.

I don't talk much about my kids or parenting on here but I gotta share this parenting horror story (in between outfit photos, of course):

At church this morning Cedar started crying about something and Husband took her out to quiet her down. River freaked out that his daddy left and followed after him and I let him, trusting he would just go find him standing right at the door.
Cedar comes back in running and giggling aaaaall the way down the aisle to the pulpit with River chasing after her to stop her and Husband chasing after him.

So all four of us had to do the walk of shame back down the aisle and out of the sanctuary where both children began to cry uncontrollably. 

We calmed them down and every time we tried to go back in River would begin to SCREAM bloody murder.  Not crying. SCREAMING. This happened about four times.

The final straw was when Husband got up to help with communion and River lost his dadgummed mind and started SCREAMING some more.

 I gave up and took him into a side room, where I closed the door, looked out the window and began to cry from pure frustration.... AND I ruined my makeup.
It looked really good too. :( 

What was wrong with my kids this morning?

Heck, I dunno. Whatever is was, perhaps I should have called for a young priest and an old priest and about a gallon of holy water.

Anyways, I'm wearing another sari wrap skirt. I loooooove them. This time I went sans underslip and made sure to stay out of the wind. I was in a bit of a hurry to get these pics and had to wrap it up early because my son was inside the truck KICKING THE WINDOW (seriously WTF is wrong with my kid?!). 

The details we didn't get to capture are:
The pretty pattern of my robe jacket kimono thingy (found at Walmart!).
The eyelets and crochet details of my blouse (hand me down).
My awesome necklace (Walmart too!) and the stunning trim on the skirt.
Use your imagination? Zoom in??

Cedar is wearing a new-to-her dress recently thrifted by her granny, a hand-me-down cardigan, a hair clip I made from my old Etsy stock long before she was born and a wooden cow brooch I got for $0.25 at a local vintage shop. Her daddy put it on her <3 . Barely seen, her little yellow bloomers (diaper cover) were handmade by her granny and have pink dragonflies on them. Werk it! 

Kinda weird, the placement of those circles. I just noticed that. Now I can't unsee it.
Oh, well. 

Was your Sunday morning better or worse than mine?


  1. Don't even worry about crybabies at church----that's what they do!!!! You look gorgeous babe and I can totally tell the trim on that skirt is amazing :)

  2. That's one cool outfit, you gorgeous hippy chick! Cedar is adorable!
    Finally I can comment on your blog, last week I kept getting a pop up telling me I had to close the page due to a deadly virus! xxx

    1. I've gotten that when I view my blog on my other computer. It said the threat was my social media button maker widget. I totally forgot to take it off. I just removed it just in case!

  3. Hollie, your posts always make me LOL. Even with your not-so-happy adventures, I like how you always inject a sense of humour, because really, as parents, we have no choice but to endure these little hooligans:P ((((hugs))) As the first comment said, it's totally normal to have the kiddos do that. Kudos to you for even sticking it out!
    On the outfit note, love love love that Walmart kimono. I know Walmart gets some hate, but I find a lot of gems there! You and Cedar are looking fab, of course:)

  4. Ha ha! My heart goes out to you and all parents dealing with misbehaving kids. I don't know how you do it. Thus why I chose not to have kids. I didn't think I could handle the demands.

    Love all your saris in your wrap skirt.


  5. Oh Lord---whenever I hear people's kids tantrumming I feel so bad for the parents. My own parents told me I was an unholy shrieking terror when I was River and Cedars ages. Like Suzanne, I never had kids---but I do have cats, and though they don't misbehave in public, they do vomit on the floor and ruin the furniture. They'll never grow up and take care of me though :)

    I love your mix of patterns!

  6. KIds, probably a good idea I didn't have any. Cute little screamers.

  7. You look cute. And have more courage than me to deal with children.


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