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Monday, June 5, 2017

let's get clean

Sorry for the super inconsistencies in posting and blog reading. I've got too many projects going on right now and kids and a home and a husband and stuff... 

Aaaaaanywhoooo. Sunday, I wore this dress I bought from Ross Dress for Less for Easter. Because Easter was during a uh, .. ahem...  special week... wearing white was entirely out of the question. I put the dress to the side on a pile stuff beside my bed and forgot all about it.

But here it is now!
The dress is pretty darn gauzy and I had to wear a black cotton spaghetti strap tank under it because my leopard print bra still showed through with a white satin camisole. 
I had to wear my dreaded half slip, even though the dress has an underskirt because my electric blue panties were showing through. After all that, you could still see hints of blue through the skirt and Hollie doesn't do neutral undies so I just had to shrug it off and hope no one noticed.

Aaaaand... my girdle is an Asian 3X which means it fits like a medium and it is TIGHT.
Dadgummit that's how I like it. What's the point of wearing a tummy tucker if you can't feel your organs being displaced?

But I couldn't bend over to buckle my sandals so I slipped on some silver $1 Old Navy flip flops and went on my way. Flip flops to church? A church that's not in Hawaii?
Nah, not really. Nowhere in the bible does it read, "thou shalt not wear rubber shoes to church" but here in the South (especially if you're black... blame tradition) you dress your VERY best to church. Sometimes hats, gloves, matching shoe/purse combos and all.
Flip flops are my lazy shoes and I could hear my mother in my head hollering at me to go change my shoes, "You are NOT wearing flip flops to church! Go put on some REAL shoes! Take some pride in yourself!"

Man it feels, good to be so naughty.

Aaaand here's a new necklace I got from eBay. It's has two layers and the bottom pendant is a mirror.   Look closely, you can see the grey sky in it. I'm also slightly obsessed with this nail polish color. It's called "moody" and I hate that so much. It's not freaking moody. It's cheerful as eff. I want a job naming nail polish colors! How cool would that be? 
Here's the pic of the necklace from eBay since I didn't get a good closeup of all the purty details.

Oh yeah! I'm doing a giveaway for one of my magic wrap skirt thingies over at my other blawg.
Go enter to win stuff.



  1. I'm thinking about buying a girdle "waist trainer" to displace some of my organs as well. I don't think I could wear flip flops all the time though.

    Love you in white with all the accessories.


  2. Gorgeous white dress and luv all the accessories!

  3. That dress and necklace are both good scores, Hollie:) And you know, I wear crazy underwear all the time with my sheer stuff. It drives my husband crazy, but sometimes, I'm too lazy to change so heh. And why would anyone name that nail polish Moody??!?!

  4. That dress is gorgeous on you! Arghh.. the problems with undies and white dresses. I've had to buy some flesh coloured pants to wear under mine - they're too see-thru' to go without (like I usually do!)
    That necklace is fantastic. xxx

  5. Hahaha!! Displaced organs are the BEST! You would be a stellar nail polish namer. And yes, it does feel soooo good being naughty is our attire. Having pride is why I don't dress a certain way as much as why I do. Does that even make sense? Looking gorgeous, Hollie!!


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