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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Vix, Obama and Quicksand

At five this morning, Cedar began to cry for her early morning milk. I tried to ignore her but she persisted and I gave in. When I got back to bed I struggled to go back to sleep (just like almost every day). I finally fell back asleep over an hour later and dreamed that I was driving around with a bunch of women I didn't recognize. We stopped at a house that had been converted into a vintage shop. I didn't know the store owner either and as the dream went on, she began to morph into blogger Vix.

Vix had a Jeep that was stuck in the mud outside her house/store and I was deeply concerned about this for some strange reason. Like worried sick. She was very lackadaisical about it and every time I looked,  her vehicle had sank lower and lower into the ground. Gasp! That's no ordinary mud!
That's quicksand!

"Vix, that's quicksand. You need to get your Jeep out of there."
"Meh," she shrugged.
I looked again and the Jeep had sank so far that only the roof was visible. Vix smiled and walked away. I stopped panicking. I no longer cared about her sinking Jeep because she didn't care. I had nothing to stress about if she had nothing to stress about. (That's not how life works by the way).

Later, on the side porch of her house/shop, former US president Barack Obama pulls up in a silver Mercedes and walks onto the porch. He wore a dark green polo shirt, blue jeans and something on his head that transformed between an Easter egg bobble headband and something else I don't remember - perhaps a jester hat?

 He and Vix begin chatting like old friends. Desperate to have a special moment with Mr. Obama as well,  I began to tell him the story of Vix's sinking Jeep. He wasn't interested and didn't find it funny. I think he was high? I then tried to give him a complicated urban handshake: "shake, dap, bump, shake, twiddle thumbs, bump, finger guns, dap dap"... that kind of jive handshake but I failed so miserably at it that I forced myself to wake up.

The end.

What I wore:
Ombre dress -  handmedown Earthbound Trading company (looks like a nightgown)
Shawl jacket thingy (aaaaagain) - Walmart
Sun glasses - Ross Dress for Less
Silver necklace - Walmart
Jewelry - Various thrift stores and clearance bins.

River wore a new (to us) aloha shirt from the online consignment shop, Swap, handmedown khakis and Family Dollar shoes.

Cedar wore a tunic and leggings set that's been sitting in the closet for over a year waiting for her to grow into it... but it's still too big. Husband dressed her, I had no idea it was so big and didn't have time to take it in anyways. Pink sandals, proudly from the Dollar General.

Dang, I'm cheap frugal.

Door mat- from the Dollar General, praying to be put out of it's misery.


  1. The weird thing is that I can totally see Obama wearing this outfit...he would so rock a jester hat!
    Anyhoo, this dream is certainly more interesting than the usual "standing naked in front of your class" kinda thing. You know they all mean the same, right? That change is a-coming...that's what people say to me no matter what I dream about.:P
    PS Love that ombre dress, and frugal is always good!

  2. What a crazy dream!
    I love Dollar General. Cheap makeup, hair color, colored pencils...and yummy snacks by the register. I applied for a job, on line, but the computer told me that I'm not qualified.
    Your jewelry looks cool.

  3. Hahaha!! Best dream. The failed handshake is a definite dream-breaker.

  4. Hahahahahahahaha!!!! OMG. The thought of Obama high really made me crack up. And the handshake!!! Your dreams are so much better than mine. I'm always being chased by murderers with axes.


  5. That was some dream! Hahaha! What on earth were you eating before you went to bed? Cheese?!
    That's a fab dress and the kids look adorable. Who doesn't love a man in a Hawaiian shirt (or a jester's hat) xxx

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  7. What on earth were you eating before you went to bed? Cheese?!



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