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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

dreamy face

I think I've worn this before, but this is a shawl vest thingy I ordered from Earthbound Trading Co.'s clearance online (those prices get stupid cheap!). I didn't realize how much it looks like a throw rug until I posed like that.  I think it used to be a rug at some point. It's awfully thick.
But it's not a rug.
Ok, it might be a rug.

Ok, well it's breakfast time for me. Yeah, it's 11:21am. It's brunchfast time?
Gotta go eat and be cute and stuff.
See ya laters.


  1. This vest is super cute, Hollie:) Is it woven? These garments last forever!
    And brunchfast sounds good:D

  2. That's such a brilliant cover-up. I'm looking at my old Moroccan rug in a new light! xxx

  3. Ha ha! you can wear a rug like no other.


  4. wow, you look stunning. That necklace and high hells superb. I always admire cool out fits and you surely have good dressing sense


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