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Friday, April 14, 2017

The Downtown Shuffle

Allo! Allo! I started this post Sunday and got super sidetracked. Can't you tell? It's Friday now.

These photos are from a food festival we went to downtown Saturday. 
The first festival we went to many months ago only had like five food vendors that were spread out all over a large parking lot. It was poop. This time were were about 20 vendors, bounce houses and other goodies.
The festival gets better every time they put it on and that excites me.

There wasn't much diversity in the food choices, though - just your typical American fair food faves, Southern fried stuff and Mexican. Lots and lots of Mexican. I settled on a couple chorizo tacos and took home a crawfish po' boy (a cajun sandwich) and a meat pie to eat later.

Ok, so I'm sure you're wondering what's with the Daniella duds at a food festival.
Well, me and the rest of the fair crew like to visit local festivals to promote the faire and this time the directors thought it'd be cool to dress up in our garb and "invade" the upcoming food festival.

I was already planning to take my family to the fest so I figured, meh, might as well dress up while I'm at it.

Only four of us showed up, me, new faire owner Aly (to the left),  faire co-owner Brain (to the right) and new cast edition Natalie (center). We posed for photos, interacted with the festival-goers, handed out promo cards and all that jazz. 

Next to the festival, an ooooold building was open for tours. The building used to be a hardware store at some point and they are planning to turn it into apartments and office space which will be awesome. (I'm not sure who THEY are by the way).

Our downtown is just plumb awful. Full of empty buildings that have a lot of potential, not much to do there. A few retail shops, a couple of "museums" a couple bars and restaurants.... that's about it. BUT! One big 'but', though!
A LOT of effort has been going into reviving it recently. It's just going to take some time.

And here's a cool photo I took of the crew in the building. 

Soooo.... what's up with you guys lately?
Well, I guess I'll find out soon enough when I go check out your blawgs! 


  1. I think that's freaking awesome how dedicated you are in promoting your faire, Hollie! Kudos to you and the gang:) And that's great news to see the development going on in your town. Slowly but surely...

    BTW... Looking good in your Daniella garb:)

  2. Fun costume! I check your blog after some time and boom, your kids have grown!

  3. Wonderful costume! The other fair goers look fantastic, too - a huge complement to all your hard work!
    The kids get cuter.
    How cool is that building? Our town is a derelict mish-mash of 1960s concrete and ugly 1980s mostly empty shopping centres. yours looks way better. x

  4. You look so beautiful and perfect. <3 I love the headdress and the umbrella, especially!

    - Anna

  5. That looks really amazing event and loved the pictures and dresses. Wish we have such events here as well. Thank you for sharing such nice blog with us


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