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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

and now...

I am SO ready for autumn! I'm so excited about it my nerves are vibrating with anticipation. I'm ready for the weather, the layers, the smells, AH everything! But alas, autumn will not be here in Texas at least until November. It's been a rather "mild summer" here, averaging in the upper 90s but... ugh... that's plenty hot for me.
(Only 2 weeks left)
Saturday me and the husband went to have dinner with a nice couple from church at their home. Since it was hot AND I haven't shaved my legs in heaven knows how long, I had to reach for my trusty old maxi. Something nice and long to cover my gorilla legs.
 This dress was originally bought from Walmart for a wedding reception in NY and later worn for River's baptism. I liked it well enough when I bought it, but because of my watermelon belly I've been stuck wearing it a couple times a week as opposed to a couple times a month - so now I'm just plumb sick of it. Buuuuuut it's comfy and fits my huge boobies nicely so I can't complain too much about it.
  Dress: Walmart
Necklace: gift from belly dancer (ex)friend
Handbag: Merchant  from my renaissance faire last year
Bangles: ebay .99 each
So it turns out the wife from the couple we had dinner with Saturday is a bit of an eccentric and thrift shops for unique ethnic pieces like me. I honestly thought I was the only person that did that in this town and I RARELY have luck. I think I need to look a little closer and get out more often. Here are just a couple of items from her collection of goodies she's thrifted in the area. The shoes remind me a bit of trailer hitches but they're so unique!!! And a brass evening bag?? Um, YES!
 And then...

 The 4th annual Arklatex Comic Convention is this Saturday. I'm not a comic fan AT ALL but I loooove dressing up in costumes and comic nerds are often fans of renaissance faires so I like to use the opportunity to promote the faire. We didn't rent a table this year for the convention like we usually do. I don't think I'll be up to tending a table for eight hours in my current condition. Instead we're just going to take our time,  go to have fun, schmooze with the vendors and hand out faire flyers.
And here's my costume for the Con in the making. I'm not going to tell you what it is just yet. That's a surprise - but I will give you a hint. Feel free to guess if you want: It's a big bird from a Disney movie. If you keep up with Disney movies, then you've probably already guessed it. The costume is made from what used to be my all time favorite dress but after it's sixth washing (always air drying) it was time to retire the poor thing. The elastic fibers in the stretch lace are popping out all over, it's covered in fuzz balls that are entangled in the material and I've snagged the devil out of it a few times. But now it's getting new life as the most ridiculous costume I have ever made and boy, I can't wait to wear it!
So what are your plans for this weekend???


  1. You might not feel it but, Holly, you look gorgeous! That dress is such a great fit and I'm dying over the Indian necklace.
    Your friend scored! I had a few of those brass evening bags and they sold like hot cakes. It justl shows that there's great stuff out there, you just have to keep going. xxx

  2. Hollie, we'll be going to the Fan Expo this weekend, which is like Comic Con. I'm not dressing up though.....your costume looks awesome! And I love the Walmart dress too.

    PS We should exchange weather. I'm not ready for fall yet....sigh....

  3. Comfy clothes rule. And the bag is interesting. Looking forward to seeing your costume.

  4. My oh my, I love your elephant bag! You look so pretty for dinner at your friends'. And I am very curious to see pictures of you in your costume. It looks very cute so far.

  5. Oh I had the same go-to dress that I wore throughout my last two pregnancies. It was black, sleeveless, super-stretchy, very flattering and ultra comfy. I wonder if you can snap up another one while the summer clothes are going cheap? You look utterly fabulous Hollie, you look fresh and gorgeous and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the necklace you're wearing ... what a treat to discover your friend is hooked on thrifted ethnic goodies! xox

  6. I'm laughing that Desiree had a comfy prego dress too, I can't blame you at all and as Vix said dang girl you look gorgeous! Hooray for nights out at a new friends with similar interests, maybe even a new thrifting buddy. I have no idea what bird you are becoming but that costume makes me very happy, it's a rainbow!

  7. Yeah, you look great Hollie, so colorful. And I luv that elephant bag. I have that exact brass bag too. Only mine has burgundy velvet lining. Gawd, I don't no how long I've had it, at least 30+ years. I guess they get around, huh? Can't wait to see you in your big blue bird costume. It looks divine so far.


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