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Sunday, August 10, 2014

it's a record

Yup, I've done it again. I threw my back out for literally the SIXTH time this year. I'm keeping count. This time, I jacked everything up Friday afternoon when I bent down to get River out of his car seat. I swear it happened in slow motion. I could feel it happening but there was nothing I could do about it. Curses!!!! Now I'm back on the couch, just waiting it out. My kitchen is already filthy, laundry is piling up and I'm bored. 
So here's what a "just out of boredom" blog post looks like: Enjoy suckers.
Ridiculous selfies at the doctor's office. Yeah, I'm getting pretty lazy with my hair rollers and it shows.
Adorable spontaneous portrait at the doctors office. He's thinking: "When I grow up, will I be weird like my mom? Or weird like my dad?"
Hilarious English translation on some baby leg warmers I ordered online from China.
Only 5 weeks left. I'm stupid excited about the new baby - I'm just not excited about the whole c-section thing. C-sections SUUUUUUUUCK....
Working on my headdress for my "fire gypsy" costume for the faire in October. I've still got a little more to add to it.
Tried out a new "upscale" Chinese buffet. The food was great but I was too busy trying to figure out how to sneak off with this giant shiny Buddha and glittery Luck Cat.
And that's it. Time to go catch up on my blog reading. Yay! Stalking time!


  1. "upscale" Chinese buffet? We have 3 Chinese buffets and none of them are what I'd call upscale. I'm stupid excited about your new baby! Haha, I live through others!

  2. That pic of River is priceless! So sorry about your doubt that's the last thing you need with only 5 weeks to go. Xx

  3. That headpiece is a triumph, you've got some energy for a woman in your condition. xxx

  4. I'm excited for your baby to come, so I can just imagine how you guys feel! :) Your headdress is beautiful, and now you have be craving Chinese food. Yum.

  5. Ouch the back sorry and you have the extra load too, not too much longer. That headpiece is epic!
    Take it easy sweet lady.

  6. Ow! you poor thing, rest up and take it easy and all this in those last 5 weeks too, I really do feel for you - love your flaming brilliant head dress though and the pic of River - I hope your back gets better pronto x x x

  7. I think you look great and love the curled hair. I am too impressed with your energy. I'm thinking "how could she have the energy in October to go to the faire... ugh". Amazing! ;-)

  8. Sorry about your back! Take care! The hair is cute, and adore the shark drawing there ;D

  9. Poor back! Poor mama! I mentioned you in a blog post today by the way :)

  10. Wow wow wow your headpiece for the Renaissance Fair looks amazing already! Can'tw ait to see the final version soon! <3

  11. Oh sorry, I was so amazed by the headpiece, I totally forgot to say: Feel better soon!

  12. Gosh! So sorry to hear about your back. (((hugs)))


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