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Saturday, August 23, 2014

ok, here goes:

Thursday I went the the hospital to meet the doctor that will be doing my c-section in less than three weeks.
Me and River waited to be seen for an hour and a half. The appointment was set for 1:30pm. At 2:30pm I went to the front desk to ask if maybe I had my appointment time wrong (I've been known to do that).
Nope, they said. That's just how it is. Psshshh!! You know, you can only keep a one year old quiet and still for so long. He was at his breaking point and so was I.
 I finally saw the doc at 3:00pm and all she did was check the baby's heartbeat. That's it!! It took FIVE MINUTES!! She didn't introduce herself. She didn't even know the date of the surgery. She didn't go over the procedure or give me any info about anything. It was a waste of time and I wasn't a very happy camper. But as usual, I just smiled, thanked her and dashed the heck out of there before River turned into the Incredible Hulk.
So, as you can see I wasn't looking or feeling too glamorous that day. It was hot outside.... SO hot. My feet feet were so swollen they were pouring out over the sides of my sandals and I can't close my legs anymore when I sit. I look like an old bow legged cow and needless to say, I walk like one too.
I took this photo after leaving my appointment. A nice volunteer in a golf cart gave me and River a ride to my car. This is what I looked like after being outside for less than a minute in 98F weather. Yes! I sweat! A LOT!  I know you've all read gripes about my sweaty battle with summer but here's the proof. I hate summer and summer hates me. This is why my blog posts drop off so much during the summer. What am I supposed to blog about? What I didn't wear? How many times I have to change my sweaty underpants in one day? No seriously... you wanna hear about it?
Naaahhh... I'll save that one for later.
So tell me: how well do you handle summertime?


  1. How frustrating waiting to see the doc that long. River deserves a medal! How's the back pain at the moment? I'm with you on summer. It simply doesn't agree with me. I envy those who can look cool, calm & collected on a hot day. I'm all oil & shine. Blah....

  2. stay in doors with the a/c. The heat index here today was 105! It's way to hot and I feel for you. I freaking hate humidity

  3. Doesn't it drive you mad? Its the same here, I've been known to wait hours of a hospital appointment, never a word of apology from anyone and, like you, I smile through out and never say a word.
    I'd kill for the heat you get, I love it. Its never too hot in my word. xxx

  4. Oh god you poor thing Hollie, I hear you!! I could share my own mid-summer full-term pregnancy sweaty horror stories but you really don't need to hear them. So, make masses of ice cubes with sweet berries in them, share them with River under the fan, wearing next to nothing of course, order your groceries online oh and buy River a spray bottle, hopefully he'll learn to use it super quick ;) xox

  5. Hugs, honey! River was patient for quite a long time at your appointment- my kids at that age would have been crazy. Before you know it the summer will be over and your new little one will be here.

  6. I sweat a lot too and Summer can be unbearable. I don't know why people move South to higher heat.

    I'm sorry about your medical experience. It's rude to keep someone waiting that long and to show such insensitive bedside-manner. If you have the choice, I'd dump that doc.

  7. Your post just reminded me of the time we waited 5 hours in ER for my son, just to be told not to do anything.....grrrrr....don't you love waiting with a child? (((hugs)))

  8. O for F's sake! I have a real thing about punctuality. That's appalling to be kept THAT long. I would have had a nancy and left!
    I am longing for Summertimes, so will answer that question when it comes!!!

  9. Oh no, that sounds like it was a nightmare wait at the dr's office! But you are so close now. Where did the time go? Hopefully the weather will cool down a bit for you. It's been unseasonably cool here and people are complaining! Not me though.

  10. You know I know about sweat!! Two Florida pregnancies and I was a fuckin' server when I was pregnant ughhhh Varicose veins because of it! You're almost there girl, almost there!!!

  11. Oh God I feel you, I have the same problems when it's hot outside! The only thing I can do to avoid sweating is stay inside all summer long. My apartment is nice and cool, so I sit inside and watch series or read books all day until the sun sets.
    Not the nicest way to avoid the sumemr heat but the only thing that helps for me.

    Btw this doctor sucks! I hate how for most of the docs nowadays it's just about the money, not about the patient. It's the sam ehere in Germany and it makes me so sad and angry :(

  12. OMG that is far too long to wait on a hot day under any circumstances. How rude not to even say her name or talk to you. By the time you read this comment you will be nearer the important exciting date! Yay! I remember my feet and legs were very swollen too and was very grateful that my baby was due in October which is spring here in NZ. Thinking about you heaps xxx


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