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Monday, August 18, 2014


Sunday me and the boys took my mom out for a belated birthday lunch at a Chinese buffet. Oooh fancy right? Well, she lives in a pretty small town and Chinese is about as fancy as it gets there. Plus it's cheap, delicious and just what I had been craving so yay? Yay. 
 I completely forgot to get a good pic of my mom. She's 58 now and I think she looks pretty darn good. I think she's got some kind of anti-aging disease. I hope I catch it.
Tasty noobler time!
Today for church I wore a Walmart dress I bought for Easter this year. Honestly, I hate it. I hate the color, I hate the cut,  I hate the stripes but it was the only thing I could find that would fit my growing belly at the last minute then. Now I'm 36 weeks pregnant and my clothing options are very slim so I gotta do what I gotta do. Would you believe me if I told you I started this blog as a maternity fashion blog? Ppshhh. I quickly learned that I've got neither the patience or the money for that.
I bet you didn't catch any of what I just said because you were too busy gawking at my necklace.
Yes, THE Krista from one of the best blogs EVAR, Peetee's Palace. She sent it to me a couple weeks ago and I am in LOVE with it! Lemme tell you, the tassels are super soft like a kitten's tummy. Every time I pick it up I brush the tassels on my lips and face. Is that weird? Yeah, I probably should have kept that part to myself. 
The handbag came from Salvation Army, the sunglasses from Romancing the Stone (Earthbound Trading Co.) clearance and the hair clip is from Etsy. I actually ordered it for my wedding a few years ago. We were going for a tropical punk rock theme but the cost of fresh tropical flowers was waaaaaaay beyond what we could afford so we had to change things up a bit.
I'm in my mom's backyard for these pics by the way. It used to be lush with fruit trees and muscadine but since my mom is extreeeeemely allergic to all fruits, there was no reason the tend the trees when she and my step-dad moved in so most of them died.
    Well, one tree is growing pears, but they're pretty much just ornamental fruit. Hard as rocks and super bitter.
While taking pics outside, River made a new buddy. 
The poor darlings were both pretty frustrated about being separated by that darn fence. Can't you tell?
Well that's it for now party people.
I'm linked up for the third time ever for Share-in-Style! WEEEE!! See ya there??


  1. We have matching Krista necklaces, what do you think of that? Twins!!!
    Love that dress, why don't you? You look amazing in pink.
    At 58 your Mum is young and absolutely gorgeous. Happy Birthday to her! xxx

  2. You make the dress look good! River is too cute and is going to be a great BIG brother! Seems like your mom had a good b-day! You can never go wrong with Chinese!

  3. I actually don't find the dress too shabby - love the hot pink for summer! AND it matches your lovely purse and necklace perfectly!
    Btw f*ck fancy, Chinese all you can eat buffets are THE BEST! :D
    And yes your mum looks superchic! Such a stylish lady!

  4. I knew it would look that hot on you and I agree with Vix, what's wrong with the dress? I love making stuff and it was a pleasure making you something pretty. I have always thought you were one of the more interesting bloggers out there. I love your basket bag, my colors! Your Mom is all kinds of gorgeous, I adore her hair! I think River gets cuter the bigger he gets, won't be long until he's playing the part of big loving protective brother:) and you will be free to wear more stuff.

  5. Both you and your mom are looking good!

  6. Belated happy bday to your mom:) I need to take whatever she's taking! And I kinda like the dress....too bad you're not feeling it:P You look cute in it.

  7. You look great in pink! And that necklace is awesome :)

  8. Mom does indeed look amazing ;D

  9. You're mom looks very young indeed, a pretty lady. I think you look adorable in that pink outfit and looks great with that really pretty necklace. I love the tassles. River is cuter than ever too.

  10. That hair clip is amazing! I'm almost glad you didn't use it for your wedding just so it can get more everyday use.

  11. I'm loving that colour on you. Looking gorgeous! Xx

  12. You look shocking pink in that dress and that's a very good thing! What's not to like? Krista's necklace was made for it and you, along with your basket bag. The perfect hot summer ensemble. Ya'll look gorgeous.

  13. I agree, that dress is nice. And here's a fun fact: me and your Mom are the same age!!!!!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Wow, Kristas bag is fab and the necklace is a stunner too! Love your outfit!

  16. Happy birthday and thank you so much for joining the Share-in-Style family

  17. Wow, your mother is gorgeous! As is your new necklace and the purse.


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