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Sunday, November 23, 2014

10 things I hate that you probably love

As an eccentric 29 year old black woman, I often find myself quite enamored with things that most people might find odd, off putting, strange and perhaps even repulsive. Well, you know what? I feel the same way about what brings the average person pleasure. Would you like some examples? Sure ya do. You wouldn't have come here if you didn't, So sit back, relax, take off your bra and prepare to be amazed... or shocked... maybe even offended?
(Yeah, it's more than 10 things)
I hate cheesecake. I think I've mentioned that one before.
I hate going to the movies. It's too expensive and not worth it to me.
Country music. I hate country music so hard it hurts.
I hate bananas.
I hate tequila. I think it tastes like vomit.
I hate seeing people "vape". I used to do it myself, but there's just something about it that looks silly to me.
I hate today's pop music.
I hate having my skin lightly stroked. I'm a vigorous massage kinda gal. If you're going to touch me, make it worth it.
I hate snakes.
I hate hugging my mom and dad and sisters. I don't know why. I've always been that way.
I hate hype - especially with movies and books - which leads me to my next hate:
I hate how every new book is being turned into a movie now. Why? Because it creates too much hype for the book and that makes me not wanna read it.
I hate Coca-Cola. It makes my teeth feel gritty.
I hate bands with female lead singers. I don't know why. I just do.
I hate being referred to as dude, bro or buddy.
I hate big wide open spaces. It freaks me out to look up at the sky. I guess you could say I have the opposite of claustrophobia.
I hate that I have SO many great event ideas but not enough $$$ to make them happen.
I hate dryer lint. Up until a couple years ago, I refused to touch it.
I hate unpacking after a move.
I hate sports.
I hate pants. I don't even like leggings (see next hate for details).
I hate shaving my legs.
I hate being unhappy. Seriously. I don't handle it well.
I hate clutter. My house would suggest otherwise, but it's mostly my husband's stuff and I'd give it all away if I could. He's a pack-rat!
I hate when people refer to themselves as bohemian when the only bohemian thing about them is the way they dress.
I hate ice-cream sandwiches.
I hate cold cake. I like it warm, like it just came out the muthah flippin' oven.
I hate that I can't afford to go out to eat sushi everyday.
I hate that you don't know how much I luuuurve you!
Ok, so that's it for now. Here's a some other stuff.
TEXAS SNOW! We had a light snow for about an hour earlier this week and now it's back up into the 60s. 
This week's nails.
My wittle girl in a thrifted skeleton suit. Everyday is Hollieween in this house.
I'm going to go do what I do best: eat stuff.
Have a great week!


  1. Brilliant! There's loads I agree with on your list - delicate stroking, the vomit-y taste of tequila, film hype, ruining books by turning them into films, Jon's clutter....! The Bohemian thing really, really pisses me off, its like calling yourself "an old soul" or an eccentric. xxx

  2. What a great post!
    I don't like going to the cinema either, there are far too many factors which put me off, but if I do go I go to small ones which aren't part of a chain. I have no idea what vape means :/ I don't like female lead singers either.
    Oh my how cute does Cedar look!

    1. Vaping = smoking an electronic cigarette also known as a vaporizer.

  3. I hate country music, too. Ugh. I'm full of ideas with no way to realize them, too, and it makes me mad - especially when someone else starts getting rich from them. I don't hug my mom. It feels weird.
    Your nails look great - colorful and fun like you.
    That baby! She's such a doll!

  4. Hehe....totally agree with the bohemian thing. I don't think people even know what the word actually means!
    And many ideas, not enough $$$ for me too...sigh....

  5. I hate it when people don't hate anything! You are so dam funny and I love that sbout you most! This is a great list so much to hate. I agree with the tekilla and I hate shaving my legs too. I hate snotty French food and damp socks but honestly I font hate a lot.

  6. Enough of all these I'm so thankful lists at this time of year. Finally, the top 10 I hate list hits the blogosphere! Yin and yang, etc. restored. So what's vape anyway?

    1. Vaping = smoking an electronic cigarette also known as a vaporizer. :D

  7. Oh no! I've called you buddy several times. Sorry 'bout that.

    I get these. We all have things that bug us. Thanks for sharing yours, budd... um... Hollie. :-)

  8. I agree with a bunch, what sounds out is that I always hate country music, I hate hugging my parents, I hate pants, I hate ice cream sandwiches, and I hate watching people vape... especially indoors. BUT I DO LOVE TEQUILA!!!!!!!!! It makes me crazy :) I should totally do a post like this haha

  9. I love this. But maybe you hate that I love this. I would hate that. But I hate hot weather so I love that you got snow! And CEDAR!!! Too cute.

  10. Tequila is awful! and so are bananas, they are the worst!!

    Hope you're loving the snow!!! TN had a light snow as well and it was amazing.

  11. Tequila====yuck. Also, wine coolers===yuck. Both of them have made me vomit, so that is why I associate them with puke :0
    I have always hated coca-cola as well. And pepsi. And mountain dew. Don't much like pop at all, really.
    Like cold cake though, especially ICE CREAM CAKE!!!!!
    Snow in Texas! Yee haw!

  12. I feel you on random-hates and just being a weirdo with weird-ass likes/dislikes. I just shot photos of "grotesque" art pieces in a cafe. Love the weird looks, love unconventional life :D

    I hate all hard liquor, bleck :P

  13. I'd piss you off so much right now, I'm vaping like a bugger!! haha! I feel I can confess I absolutely loathe cupcakes, vile stuff and shaving my legs is something I only do 6 months of the year ha! brilliant list though, and coca-cola really does leave a film of crap on your mouth.

    Baby Cedar is just beautiful x x x

  14. I don't like country music, I don't eat bananas, I don't trink Coca Cola, I dislike being called a dude as well and I don't even know what vape means. For the rest I agree to disagree ;-)

    Alex - Funky Jungle


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