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Sunday, November 9, 2014

tappy tap tap tap tappy tappety tap tappy tap

 If you follow my blog regularly then you've probably read about how much I love to dance. Belly dance is my favorite but lately I've been wanting to branch out a little - mostly just to spice up my daily exercise routine.

When I was a young teen, I took tap, jazz and ballet lessons -  I was also on the kick line in high school. I was a dancing machine and I was good at it all. I hung up my tap shoes when I quit dance lessons at age 16 and never looked back - that is until I found this hilariously cheesy tap dance DVD at Salvation Army for $2 last year. Lemme tell you. It's fun. Go get some tap shoes and try!
I guess River had heard enough of my terrible tapping on this particular day. He threw toys at me and repeatedly drove his little scooter into my legs. He even sat at my feet and refused to move: "You ain't no Fred Astaire. Go sit down, Mom."
So here's a little bit from today.
Sunday (today) we went to church....
 ...and then we tried out a park we've never been to before.

 LOOK!! A tree has turned! WEEEE!! ONE TREE! It's autumn in Texas finally!
I'm just kidding. 4/60,000,000 trees have turned so far.... 
 And then....
Alrighty folks. I'm off to go eat some leftover duck and shrimp pasta. Have a great day and remember: Don't be afraid of ghosts. They're spooky but they don't bite.


  1. The whole family is looking gorgeous!!!

  2. Oh the second child. It can turn your little angel into a devil. When my number two arrived my number one used to constantly ask. Can I pet him? Then she would proceed to pound on his little baby head. It was NOT cute. It gets better. You should tap. You should totally tap! I can see you as a tap dancer. Oh, have I mentioned that you are the most adorable family?

  3. Your little ones are too adorable for words! I want to hug them!
    I always wanted to take dance classes but was far too shy as a kid. I'll have to keep my eyes open for a pair of tap shoes - it will be sure to drive the cat crazy.

  4. Cute pictures. As a child, I wanted to dance but my parents thought that effeminate so I was pushed into sports instead. Tap was one of the styles that appealed to me. Watching Fred Astaire in movies is amazing.

  5. Nick and I used to take ballroom dancing lessons. Just before our class started, there was a tap lesson, and we used to watch them finishing up. I've never tapped but it really does look like fun. Although, maybe River is right ... perhaps it doesn't always sound like fun! He sure is a character, that one.

  6. Loving you in yellow an your kids get more adorable by the week. I'm not into dance at all but I'd love a pair of tap shoes! x

  7. What a cute blog. Love the yellow dress on you. Those darn kids are so super cute! that River could charm the skin off a snake! so cute! :-)

  8. I love the DVD (I was going to say video, whats wrong with me) and I love the tap shoes, I tried a bit of dance aerobic's yesterday, my lack of co-ordination is shocking - How cute are your babies! River's sit down protest face is the best! Cedar's smile is heart melting, I miss babies x x x

  9. A typical day in the life, huh? So how's the tap dancing going? Has River given you permission to resume? Your babes are the cutest. I must've tap danced as a child, I recall those little black patent tap shoes.

  10. Such cute pics of your lil ones. Dancing is a great idea for exercise. I've all but given it up at the moment xxx

  11. I've always wanted to tap dance, have never tried it. Is it hard to learn the basics? Cedar has the biggest smile, and I just love River's toothy grin. Xx

  12. Hm I have never really cared about tap dancing but now that you mention it I think I should watch some Youtube videos, I'll probably like it.
    As for your kids, they are so adorable! Look at River's faces in the last pics, so cuuute :D
    Oh and before I forget: you look lovely in the sunshine yellow dip-dye dress! :)

  13. Your family is adorable! Keep tapping!


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