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Sunday, November 16, 2014

gone cross eyed

Howdy ya'll!! You guys ready for some pics from the week? No? Well, TOO BAD! Here they are coming atcha. But first: me. You likey? Yes? Awesome. Wanna go out later? Me and you. Maybe we could have a few beers and play some golf and see where the evening takes us? No? Fine. You're not my type anyway.
So, it's cold as heck here and I'm lovin' it. It was so cold (and rainy) today that I wore two dresses. Stripes and plaids, yo. My favorite combo. Well, the plaid dress is a cheapo online find that shrank several sizes after the first washing, so now it's really just a shirt. I haven't had a chance to get any warmer clothes for my still blubbery post-pregnancy body. I'm broke and car-less anyway so I'll probably be double layering dresses a lot this season.

Outfit Under $20
Plaid dress -
Striped dress and boots - handmedowns
Leggings - Walmart
Authentic Kuchi tribal earrings
Crochet flower brooch - made by Lou Lou! (Cedar's matching sweater below)
 I found these records today digging through some leftover stuff from our Church's rummage sale they hosted last weekend. Ten cents each! YEAH!
 Beers of the week:
 River's new favorite "toys".
What a nerd.
  I've been pretty unhappy with the thinness of my brows lately. I've never had a problem with them before and all of a sudden I felt that I needed to do something about them - I blame Pinterest. I suck at filling them in - I do it everyday and I still can't get it right so I browsed the web to see if there was such a thing as eyebrow stencils. And sure enough! 
Look! I got suckbrows! 
I think this whole eyebrow stencil thing would be better for me if the stencils were adhesive and if I had a darker brow pencil.. and friggin' knew what I was doing. 
So anywaaaaays... River wore polka dots and skinny jeans to church today. I had no idea how skinny those darn pants were when I got them. They look like dude leggings.
 And all in hot pink is Miss Cedar. Along with her thrifted $2 dress she's sporting a pair of 99 cent ruffle bloomers bought from China on Ebay. Thank you China for always being there for me. 
The dress is so fluffy! Doesn't her dress remind you of those dolls old ladies crochet to cover toilet paper rolls? 
Ummm... sometimes this happens.



  1. o1. Creedence Clearwater Revival LP - yay!
    o2. How cute are your kiddies, Cedar's dress and bloomers are adorable!
    o3. You make me laugh xxx

  2. Your kids are gorgeous. Cedar's dress! She's like a doll. River is so cheeky looking. Bet he's a real handful.
    Those eyebrow stencils, I tried allsorts before I got mine tattooed on. Don't use a pencil, use dark brown eyeshadow with a decent brush instead. Much less harsh. xxx

  3. The layered dress look is cute and looks warm - I may have to borrow it. I didn't need the link to Tribal Bazaar, though. Lots of great stuff!
    River is stylish in his skinny jeans and nerdy accessories. Cedar looks like a little princess!

  4. Woo-hoo! From one flannel dress layering gal to another. Look at those smiling babes, you included, all dressed to the nines.

  5. Lookin good, buddy. Glad you're having fun. I wanna dress like your daughter...

  6. Love Dead Guy! Love mismatching patterns! Love your 2 dresses together! Love the dude leggings! Love that China makes so much cheap stuff!

  7. Yes please ... let's go out for a few beers and a round of golf, but can we make it mini-golf?

    Y'all are looking fantastic in your fine duds. I love River's dude leggings and polka dots. Your kids are so cute!

  8. I think you did a great job on your brows. Rivers outfit is cute even if they are dude leggings. How did skinny jeans get started anyway? Cedar looks fab in her hot pink dress! The kids are super cute!

  9. I'll only play golf with you if I get to drive the cart full speed, that's all. After we've had some drinks. Your kids are absolutely adorable. I LOVE your brow stencils and Vix's idea to use shadow. I might try that too.

  10. Oregon beers, right on! Plaid and stripes is an awesome combo, very Northwest as well :)

  11. Let's do it!! c'mon, I'm ready! your beers are my type of thing - your babies are just so cute, Cedar is wearing dresses like I used to dress my girls, with the frilly knickers, bows, ribbons, maribou bonnets, so so cute - eyebrows? I draw mine in with ELF brow wax and powder to fix, my real brows are barely noticeable, I NEED brows x x x

  12. Your kids are so adorable! And so are you with your smiles and eyebrows and sass!

  13. Never knew about brow stencils! Yours look fantastic; I couldn't tell you colored them in.

    When I bother to do mine, I use a little stiff brush and dark smudgy powder, rather than a pencil. I think it blends easily and I don't have to worry about drawing as much.

  14. omg I haven't seen a toilet paper doll cover in years, I totally forgot about them but now that you mention it, yes Cedar does look like one of them! Hilarious.

  15. Haha awesome! Reading your posts is always so much fun! You look so cute, I love the mix of plaid and stripes in this outfit!
    These beers look interesting, did they taste special?
    Haha aaww look, River is going to be a mathematician, how cool! Smart little boy :)

  16. beer? Yes, thanks.
    And thanks for the birthday greeting.

    Holy cats! It's 1pm already?

  17. The bros look faancay :D noice very natural looking

  18. Hahaha....dude leggings! I'm totally stealing that!
    You crack me up, Hollie! I'd go out with you any day:D And OMG! Cedar is just too too cute.

  19. Darling, tummy trauma is exactly the reason I don't like skirts!!! I can't stand too much bulk there, I have enough of it without the fabric! But I don;t just tell ANYBODY that!
    Gawd, River is such a delicious laddie! He is going to be a heartbreaker! Hopefully Cedar (feck I love that name) will grow up big enough to fight the frisky wenches off for him!
    Hahahahaaa, sometimes that DOES happen, and it might just happen for me tonight! Having a little Italian themed dinner party, and shopping for the wine is the second best thing to driking it...mostly whilst cooking!
    I think my Mama had one of those dolly toilet roll cover thingys when I was a wonder I turned out the way I did!
    You have a beautiful face, I don;t think your eyebrows are anykind of issue, but my Mam was OBSESSED with hers, right up to the day she died. Clearly, they are more important than I realise!!

  20. You don´t look old enough to me to have to babies, and such beautiful ones.
    You are pure fun fabulous!!!
    Thank you for being part of the Share-in-Style family once more.

  21. fabulous layered dresses, you look comfy and cool!! and your children look so cute!

  22. Hello again, please don´t forget to vote tomorrow for your favourite look tomorrow ( Rosy and I are not included in the voting. This is all about you all)
    Tons of kisses


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