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Thursday, November 27, 2014


 It's Thanksgiving here in the States. It's definitely one of my favorite holidays. Anything involving food had my heart. Right now, I'm full, I'm lethargic, I feel gross and I need a bath so here's a brief post about the day.
Thanksgiving dinner (lunch, really) was held at my mom's place in Atlanta, TX. Why do we eat Thanksgiving dinner so effin' early? 11:30am is not exactly what I call dinnertime. We were running behind schedule so I whipped up a green bean casserole while I did my hair and makeup and had to throw on whatever didn't need ironing so we could hurry up and hit the road.
I set my hair on curlers last night. It started off looking great, but it just wouldn't keep the volume (as usual) and I even sprayed the dickens out of it.
Here's my last remaining grandparent. My granddaddy will be 90 in March, stands well over 6-ft and when he was younger he looked just like Nat King Cole.
Black Friday deal hunting. 
 Mom and sister selfie.
Oddball in the kitchen.
 Niece, sister, River and Husband.
 Too full to walk - tempted to nap on the ground.
 Basking and posing.
 Leaf shower.
Happy Thanksgiving folks.


  1. Belated happy Thanksgiving to everyone:) Y'all looked like u were having a grand time.

  2. Your hair looks great! Glad you had fun.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Looks like it was a good time. Here's to your handsome grandfather!

  4. What a good looking family. You all had fun, its so nice to spend with family. Where is Cedar girl? you owe us a photo. ;-)

  5. Damn, you are a handsome family! Granddaddy doesn't look a day over 70. I ate way too much, too. All I want now is salad for a week.

  6. Funny how photos with golden fallen leaves look all artsy. I wish we had those here. Glad you enjoyed a bit eat up with family. Your hair looks gorgeous done like that. Xx

  7. That's your mum? I thought they were both your sisters! Your family has good genes! Your grandad is quite the man!

  8. why do we eat so dang early? I hated that when I was a kid. By 10am everybody would be all stressed out from cooking since 7am. I have Thanksgiving around 6pm.

    You and your sis look like twins

  9. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving, it looks ace! x

  10. Yes I agree with Thorne Garnet, you and your sister really look like twins! You and your mum too actually! And your hair looked so pretty with the curls! I feel you, my hair goes back to being straight after 30 minutes, no matter how much hairspray I use!
    Awwww cute little River! I loves leaf showers as a kid! :D

  11. Love your necklace and the sunnies and honestly, no ironing clothes are the best! Looks like you all had a great time and woah, your grandpa looks nothing like 90.

    Alex - Funky Jungle


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