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Friday, May 8, 2015

5 years of us

Eight years ago I met this guy outside a music venue. He was the brother of the cello player of the band I was in at the time. He told me in a horribly thick southern accent that his name was Caleb and he's a mechanic and liked mountain climbing.
"Ew. Boring," I thought and I quickly scurried away from him in search of better people.
Two years after that we ran into each other at a gathering of friends at a coffee shop. I didn't pay much attention to him... in fact, I totally forgot that I had met him before.
In the days to come, this guy began to frequent the coffee shop I visited everyday after work. 
He was stalking me.
Well, he asked his sister (my ex-roommate) about me and she told him where to find me.
We began to hang out outside on the patio of the coffee shop everyday, smoking cigarettes, sucking back black coffee for hours. We exchanged phone numbers and he would call me and preach two-hour long sermons to me about... ugh, who knows. Calvanism or something like that... I wasn't listening. I was just tickled pink that a guy was actually interested in me.
After I encouraged him to loosen up, stop being so formal and boring and stop preaching to me (that's NO way to woo a woman) we began to have fun - and after just three short weeks of dating, we knew...
We dated for a year and we were engaged just long enough to save up and plan a wedding - just five months. We were married in a private ceremony on May 8, 2010.
So here ya go.
Five years of us.




  1. Aw I love all these photos!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!

  2. What a fun ride it looks like it has been! Happy anniversary!


  3. What a nice post! You two seem like a great couple. Good for you and happy anniversary. xo

  4. Happy anniversary! You two are so cute together.

  5. Oh my. This just really warms my heart. You are the sweetest family. Happy Anniversary.

  6. Happy Anniversary! What a lovely post.

  7. Happy Anniversary, may you have many more

  8. Ack, I almost missed this one! Happy anniversary!! So many celebrations over there, I can't keep track. You are a gorgeous couple and I loved reading about how you met. Cheers for many more loving years together.

  9. You are such a gorgeous couple no wonder you've made such beautiful babies! xxxx

  10. Aww thanks for sharing such precious pics! I love hearing about how you got together. And how I'd love to meet you in the flesh! Happy Anniversary! Xx


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