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Saturday, May 30, 2015

weekend stuff + a DIY thingy

Here's a post about our weekend and the vest thingy I'm wearing. That's the DIY thingy I was referring to in the title. The instructions are at the bottom if you just wanna get to that.

So Saturday after we went trailer shopping we took River to a new indoor playground/bouncy house/arcade/laser tag place in town.
I can't remember the name of it.
There really wasn't much for a two year old to do there but there was a little section for toddlers. Eh, it was ok. After he was done in that section we mostly just let him run around a press buttons on stuff.

Before we went to that place we went to RV Town. FINALLY! Before today we've always gotten there too late, when they're closed for the day. But dadgummit we made it!
And by the way, don't you just love a salesman in a tropical shirt with matching laces in his Chucks?
 I'm pretty sure we found our trailer.
It's the one here and it's great BUT it's a FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) trailer. FEMA trailers were used as housing after the horrifically disastrous Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and there are literally thousands of these trailers in America going for dirt cheap. Many dealers are having a hard time selling these trailers because of the claim that the trailer units emitted hazardous levels of formaldehyde. A class-action suit against FEMA trailer manufacturers settled for $42.6 million and any existing trailer should be sold as scrap unless it's been tested and proven safe to live in. There are some dealers out there who are still selling bad trailers though so we're doing our research and getting the lowdown to make sure the FEMA trailers for sale at this dealership are 100% safe.

So what about that DIY thing I mentioned earlier? Ok. Well I'm going to show you how I made this no-sew vest out of a scarf.
All I did was copy and paste the contents from my other blog so forgive me if it's a little boring. Ok, that's all. BYE!

When I saw this mini fashion project on the Foley Fam blog, I gasped with excitement. I had never seen anything so glorious, so simple.... so ME! 
I'm a pretty big girl, probably twice the size of  Foly Fam's blog-author, Kristen so I had to alter a step a little bit to make this project work for me. So if you're a bigger lady like me, here's how to make this vest work for you too.
Let's get on with it:

All you need is a pashmina scarf and a large safety pin.

Hold out your scarf.

Fold the scarf in half where fringe meets fringe.
(That's not a weird off-set lip piercing. It's a safety pin in my mouth.)

Fold the scarf in half again.

Pin all the layers together at the top corner of the end with all the fringe.
(If you're smaller than 50-inches around in the chest and back, you might be able to use Kristene's knot method instead of pinning.)

Find your fringed edges in the folds and slowly pull the scarf open.
You'll see your vest magically appear before your eyes!

If you don't want your safety pin exposed, simply turn the vest inside out OR start making your vest with your favored side of the scarf facing away from your in the very beginning.

This can be done with any wide scarf of any material that is over 4-5 ft long.

Although diaper pins are very large and thick, they are designed for safety and will not pop open when under stress like regular safety pins.

Just let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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  1. cool idea, I may have to give it a try. The look on your husband's face is priceless

  2. Cute vest idea! I'll be doing it. And now, of course, I want to hit the thrift shop for colorful big scarves to make into vests.

  3. That waistcoat idea is blooming genius, I'm definitely going to have a go at copying you.
    I'm excited that you might have found your new home. xxx

  4. The DIY is great.

    I'm excited for your possible new home.


  5. That vest is awesome, Hollie! I love DIYs that I can actually do:D And I hope that FEMA trailer is safe, esp if it's the one you guys like.

  6. I hope everything is safe and you get your new home sorted pronto, exciting times! and yes, I do like a salesman in a tropical shirt and matching laces, should be mandatory - love your DIY scarf, my type of DIY too! x x x

  7. Cool 'vest from a scarf'! Hope the trailer turns out to be the one.

  8. Your husband looks soooo skeptical in that picture!

    I love simple origami-style fabric projects. Must give that one a try!


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