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Monday, June 8, 2015

I made it from scratch

Alright, alright, simmer down. I know I'm late with my weekly blog post. You just couldn't make it through the weekend without me, huh? You cried yourself to sleep at night, you had fits and withdrawals and you probably even got sick at the thought that I might never come back to the blogging world.
Well, never fear. Here I is... am. Here I am.
And I'm wearing another scarf turned vest thingy.
Click HERE to find out how to make your own.
I took a lot of  photos this weekend but I'm nice enough to put them in collages for you. Why don't all bloggers do that? It should be a frggin' law. Don't make people scroll through twenty-one photos of you in slightly different poses from one to the next featuring each dang piece of clothing and jewelry you have on. We get it! You look great, ok?! My finger hurts! Scroll, scroll, scroll.
Ugh, and mom bloggers are the worse.. with the kids and photos of their food and Starbucks. How many different angles of your skinny latte do you really feel people need to see?!?!? 
I've pretty much given up on mom-blogs. Not mine. I like mine. I mean... the others... {cue the ominous music and lightening strike}
So as you'll see in the photos below we took the kiddos to the park. This was the first time Cedar's got to experience it. And by experience it, I mean... eat gravel.

Cedar's sunbath Sunday morning. She doesn't get out much and was starting to look a little jaundicy. Or so I think. I could just be a paranoid mama. Either way, a little sun won't hurt.
And River got his first real ouchie this weekend. I wasn't there to witness the accident, I just heard the thud and the heart breaking cry of pain coming from the hallway. From the looks of it, I think he caught a jutting hinge on the door to his nursery. It started off as a little scratch but the next morning it looked like this. He's doing just fine now, though. He's a tough kid.

And I found this happy guy waiting for me yesterday morning. I guess the farmer lady we get our eggs from has some seriously jolly chickens.
So that's it for now. Time to go get caught up with blog reading, blog posting on the other blog, faire stuff, faire fundraiser stuff, faire sponsorship stuff, more blog stuff, baby stuff, cooking stuff, drinking gin at noon stuff... you know. The usual.


Oh, and if you like parenting stuff, go check out my other blog. Please.


  1. Love Cedar's little gingham top ❤
    I hope River's eye heals soon xx

  2. How did you know I was sick with worry when you didn't post? I used it as an excuse to start drinking before I forgive you.

    What? You don't like looking at a 45 photos of me that all look the same? I'm SHOCKED!!! My Mom loves it.

    Cedar is seriously looking like she should be on the catwalk with her "on trend" gingham for Spring.

    Ouch on the boo boo. Kids are so resilient.

    I want my eggs to arrive with happy faces on them.


  3. thank god you're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need my sleep.

    forgive me, I don't know how to make photos collages

  4. The relief!!! Thank god for Facebook.
    Hope poor little River's injury heals quickly. Cedar is so cute, look at that teeny gingham dress.
    Loving your turquoise jewellery.
    Best ever - 29 pictures of a blogger in the same outfit. Needless to say, I stopped following. xxx

  5. River and Cedar are growing up so fast! Loving all these cute pics:D And Hollie! Ehrmahgerd! You don't like a million pics of skinny latt├ęs?!?! What's wrong with you?

  6. Aw, I hope River's boo boo gets better. And yay for Cedar's sunbath! I personally need a sunbath every day or I get really really cranky.

  7. mmm, those farm-fresh eggs must be so good! And they're pretty cute too. Speaking of cute ... your kids! Poor baby-boy with his bad scratch :(

  8. I can't even do collages! anyhoo, you gorgeous family, poor River, that's a cracking coggy, they are the toughest though! sweet Cedar in gingham (my youngest loved soil, it seems by child 3 I was quite relaxed about these things) and YES! it is good to see you x x x

  9. Awwwww. He got a little boo boo. I'm glad he's doing better! I totally love the scarf turned vest idea. That's genius! <3

    - Anna


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