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Sunday, June 14, 2015

no cookies, no grains, no job, no nudity

Hey everybody! You know what time it is? It's HOLLIE TIME!!
Yo. How's it going. You doing good? All cool? Cool.
It's Sunday, it's noon and I'm fat, I'm hungry and I'm ready to party...
and by party I mean browse Pinterest and eat brownies for the rest of the day. 
Yesterday we took a little trip to see the husband's parents in Nacogdoches, TX.
It's boring two hour drive.
When we arrived we were supposed to check out the town's annual Blueberry Festival but when we pulled up it started raining cats and dogs and elephants too. Everyone in the festival was scrambling to get out of there. It didn't look like the rain would be stopping any time soon so we just continued to the inlaw's house.
▲▲This is the face of a man who has been robbed of a golden opportunity to get pie.▲▲

The rain hadn't reached the inlaw's house when we got there (and they weren't even there yet), so we seized the opportunity to take some photos.  

Just thinkin' about what's inside that trashcan out there. Lovely.

  And then the rain came. It was pretty awesome. Just my type of storm - no thunder or lightning. Just heavy rain, a little wind and cool temperatures. Ahhhhhh yesss...

  And River FINALLY got to play in rain for the first time evar!

So the inlaws came home. the rain stopped. Both kid's got a costume change. We ate some pretty effin' awesome ravioli and shrimp stuff. We hung out outside - which was gross and sticky thanks to the sun coming out after the rain.
Granny tried to help Cedar get over her phobia of grass.
And here's my first "wildlife photo". Look at these savage beasts! I can't believe I got so close to such wild and dangerous animals! I could have lost and eye or a limb or worse... A NOSE!
 Soooo, That's it. Oh wait!
In my last post I was whining about super pic-heavy posts and mentioned bloggers need to put photos in a collage to put an end to BRSMFIS (blog-reader-scrolling-mouse-finger-injuries)  right?
Well, many of you said you don't know how to put photos in collages.
That's a dang shame.
Let me help you... because, you know, the world revolves around me AND my opinion about you and your blog and how you do things is very important.
Seriously, though. PicMonkey is the way to go if you would like to collage your photos. It's crazy stupid easy to use and making collages is a breeze. For realz.
Save a finger.
Collage your pics.


  1. Love these photos of you Hollie ❤
    Someone I went to school with, when she was a baby, she wouldn't sit or step on grass either xx

  2. Those pics of River playing in the rain and Cedar trying to walk on the grass are priceless:D Of course, your outfits pics, too!

  3. I love your beautiful family. You are all so damn cute. And you totally crack me up. It's always a jolly holiday with Hollie.

  4. What a fun trip out, little River playing in the puddles and Cedar having Grandma love.
    You look beautiful in those photos. xxx

  5. Sounds like a fun trip with the family! You also just described my perfect Saturday night - Pinterest and brownies. What more could a girl want?

  6. Such cute babies!!! You look adorable too!

  7. thank you (now if I wasn't so lazy. I'd check out pic monkey right now)

    Ceder does not want her toes in the grass!

  8. What an absolutely stunning profile pic of you, we know you are gorgeous! but that photo is just beautiful! I wanna eat brownies with you all, your in-laws house is totally fab, sitting on a massive porch in the rain is like the movies - and thank you for the collage advice, you know I'm gonna do it x x x


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