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Sunday, June 21, 2015

you know... pirate stuff

 Okie dokie. I'm in a hurry. I want to finish this post as fast as possible so I can go eat another donut and take a nap. 
I'm SO tired I wanna cry. 
Last night me and my crew hosted our 2nd Annual Pirate's Ball (a fundraiser for my renaissance faire) and it was GREAT! We had a great turn out and over half of our attendants drove a couple hundred miles (from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area) just to come to the event. Crazy! I saw a few unfamiliar faces which is supreme good news. That means two things: people in Texarkana are starting to not be so afraid of our "outrageous" events AND I'm doing good on marketing.
I was pretty lazy with my costuming this time. It's so gross and humid due to the incessant raining and heat so I decided to skip on the skirts and bodice and even let the jiggle belly go un-girdled.
I'm wearing a tunic from Lotus Traders, a pashmina scarf to vest thingy, some stretch lounge pants, faux-suede boots, a beaded Indian belt, some cheap bohemian-esque jewelry from eBay and a fake nose ring. Effortless gypsy pirate.
So anywho, here are some random photos I took throughout the night. Time to get a scrolling-finger work out because I'm too darn sleepy to collage these pics. Soooo.... ENJOY!


Costume contest!
 Hosted and judged by Jack Sparrow!

 The costume contest winners got Jolly Roger flags.

That's all!!
If you wanna see more photos from the ball feel free to visit our album on Facebook.
Ya'll have fun!


  1. That's fantastic news, you're getting there, aren't you?
    The costumes are absolutely fantastic, especially yours. xxx

  2. This is so neat. You and your friends sure come up with excellent costumes. Must have been lots of fun!

  3. Are most of these costumes handmade or bought?

    1. Do you know where to get good pirate clothes? We're doing pirates for Halloween this year and as much as I'd like to sew everything, a baby on the move and work will not allow that.

    2. If you're going for a realistic pirate look like the pirates from my posts, I highly recommend and build up a costume by buying separate pieces using "Pirate" as the keyword, like "pirate skirt", "pirate blouse". My favorite seller is

      There are also online stores that only sell renaissance and pirate garb like, and

      If you're on a budget you can easily assemble a pirate costume from clothing at a thrift store. If you're not too concerned about authenticity and just want to look good, stores like Walmart and Target have ready-made full costumes for the whole family.

      If you need more help, feel free to email me at any time!!

    3. Thank you so much! I will check out everything!

  4. Lookin' good, buddy. Glad the Ball went well.

  5. Fun! I'd love to go to something like that x

  6. New faces? Awesome! Yeah, I'm so tired of the heat (yeah, already) At least the A/C is working at work.

  7. Me lassie, you sure know how to throw a pirate party! Aaaaaargh!

  8. Seriously, Hollie. You need to dress like this Every Day!

  9. You look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! It's so cool that everyone got all dressed up and participated 100% :)

  10. Yay Hollie, they say you know how to throw a party and it sure does show. The costumes are amazing, especially yours. And you say, yours is pared down? I don't think so. Well done.

  11. Congratulations on such a great turnout!!! And the crowd really went all out on their costumes. You can't get better than that. I'm glad word is getting out and your work and perseverance is paying off.
    You look fantastic in your costume! I wouldn't know it's pared down - it looks perfect as it is.

  12. Everybody looks fantastic!! Congrats on the good turnout!!!

  13. Wow! I'm impressed with the costumes and Jack Sparrow look-alike. Looks like a great evening.


  14. Wow! You are living your dream! I loved the Baby Jimi and the pirate stuff. I don't know much about pirates but it looks cool and fun!


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