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Monday, June 29, 2015

teenage dirtbag

Sunday evening me and my little family went to a church gathering thingy. It was hot. There were mosquitoes but also plenty beer.
Beer at a church function.
Lots of it.
We're Presbyterian.
We'll, the husband is Presbyterian... and I take advantage of it.
 Here's what I wore. Are you sick of seeing the same clothes over and over yet?
Well too bad! My girdle went missing!!
Without my blubber control I can't wear half the dresses in my closet!
Who stole my girdle? Was it you?? How about YOU!?
I bet it was you.
You look shady as heck.
  I seriously keep forgetting to go buy a new girdle. Mine's been missing for about two months...
NO! I shouldn't have to BUY a new girdle! Just give me mine back!!!
Me and that girdle go WAY back like car seats.
It's seen me through the best of times - like when my fat belly started getting pushed out waaay too early when I was pregnant with Cedar...
...and the worst of times... 
Like a 100 lbs weight gain in 5 years...
 So here's some odd news.
It's actually kind of sad really but I'm not too torn up about it.
They whole gypsy trailer thing? Yeah. That got put on the back burner.
Well after we found the right trailer, I sat down and calculated how much our monthly living expenses would be with trailer payments, insurance and lot rent.
I  was expecting to see some beautifully low numbers.
It would actually cost us MORE money to live gypsy style than it would for us to stay put right were we are. Our current cost of living is SO low, living in a travel trailer would cost MORE!! Our goal was to live UNDER our means to save money while seeing the county... but it looks like that plan needs to change, approached differently or be dropped all together. 
So because I was sure we were about to move I had put off any kind of home renovations and customization. Well, now I'm back on it. I free handed this mehndi-inspired design on the kids playroom closet door. I know it looks rough right now, but after I add color, all the lines and stuff will be even-upped and smoothed out. So yeah. That's... that.
Aaaand look who's walking!


  1. I didn't know how to tell you I lifted your girdle. I was using it as a slingshot to get the bad squirrels in my backyard. It may come back slightly stretched.

    I think the ONLY way you'd find my husband at a church is if he knew they had beer. LOL If they start passing out vodka martinis I might be convinced as well.

    I'm sad to hear your dream of living as a travelling nomad is crushed due to finances. Oh the things we could all do if we weren't crushed by the weight of not having enough cold cash.'d be able to buy a new girdle...STAT. Although I must admit, I won one from another blogger and cannot understand how anyone could or would want to wear one. It took me almost 35 minutes sweating, and pulling out muscles I never knew existed just to get it off. I almost went into a panic attack. In your heat it would be like a medieval torture device.

    The door looks very cool.

    You'll be running to keep up after 2 little ones now. Good thing your girdle isn't holding you back ; )


    1. Oh man! Your girdle story gave me a panic attack! LOL! That would have seriously freaked me out!!!

  2. Hollie, so sorry to hear about the trailer thing, but it seems like the best thing for now. And can we talk about how awesome that door is?!?! Come do our doors, girl! And I can't believe she's walking time flies for sure!

  3. Oh my goodness, you really get a sense of time passing when you look at growing babies! Cedar is amazing. And so is that door! Too bad about the trailer but I'm all for living as inexpensively as possible so there's more to spend on the other things in life.

  4. Just remember that your dream is on the back burner but it will happen one day.
    Not guilty for robbing the girdle but I saw a few oddly dressed men at Glasto who might be culprits. xxx

  5. That's such a shame about the trailer :(
    But look at Cedar go!

  6. Aw no I'm so so sorry about your gypsy dreams :( I know that you'll get there one day! I love your outfit, you are the cutest... your whole family is the CUTEST!!! And uhh how amazing there is beer at your church ahahaha

  7. Gypsy dreams obviously don't come cheap. It's something that can be put on the back burner and resurrected at any time. I love the pics from your church tea. Us of Baptist heritage tend not to drink, openly anyway, but my sister has moved to Presbyterian and they guzzle the stuff. Don't worry about the girdle, just let that beautiful belly flow. Xx

  8. beer at church? Hmm....nope, not even that.

    SHE WALKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep saving up, and you're dream will happen

  9. Beer at church - yep, raised Catholic. Catholics like their drinky. LOL!! Girl - I can't stop reading your posts, looking at your pictures, and kind of hoping you'll adopt me. Only, I'm 15yrs older than you - so I guess you could adopt me as your live-in, help you with the kids, adopted grandma. Me? A grandma? Whoa, may need to rethink this one.

    That door --- is amazing! And it's pretty sad about the gypsy trailer - man, I love those things! I do love and admire how loud and proud and confident you are exactly where you are in life. For example, the trailer being in the background of your pics - this is my life, this is where it's at, and it ROCKS!! We often live in places that are nowhere near as fancy as my husband's remodeling clients and other popular bloggers/social networkers -- so I feel "less than" with what shows up in the background of my pics sometimes. There are a faint, few times when I just didn't care and it was glorious. But take for example, in our living room we have the floor pulled up to the wood (like a remodel in progress that was frozen in time) -- I'm not talking beautiful hardwood floors, I mean the wood with which the floor is made. Yeah.

    When I don't care about stuff like that, it's simply glorious. You are a FABULOUS teacher of that mentality, even just through your pictures, out of which burst JOY and LOVE!!! Thank you for that!

    Reading your posts has made me think of a million different things about which I'd love to talk with you - hence, my disjointed, wandering comment here. Luckily for my fingers and you, the other topics that spoke to me have slipped out of my brain. So I'll end this here and just say I'm damn glad to have stumbled into all your groovy online property today! :-)

    Oh wait - and one more thing. I'm pretty sure I met you online a week or so ago. Today I bumped into you on G+ from a Google search about blog comments and then was led to some of your blogger blogs. But I didn't see you on G+ or blogger before, so I think it was either FB or Twitter. It may have been a Fanpage Friday thing.

    Oh and one more thing (it's a good one, though, I promise!) -- I woke up today just feeling blah and antisocial and anti-work and anti-housework and anti-blogging and all of it. You know that ucky place where none of the cool, groovy parts of your life which are normally so pleasing to you, sound appealing at all. Not being inspired or having desire for any of my projects or doing anything really, anxiety started to set in. Then in the course of some mind/internet rabbit hole, I recalled seeing a very unique commenting system a gal was using, so I went looking for it. Found you. Dug through your posts and feel all bloggy-inspired again! Yea!!! So thank you so much for that!

  10. Wait a minute....I just realized I have no idea why this post is titled, "teenage dirtbag." Perhaps I need more caffeine... ;-) :-D #mentalfogihazit


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