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Sunday, May 24, 2015

you know I'm no good

Hello all! We're all enjoying our Memorial Day weekend here in Wonderland so far. Barbecuing, drinking cheap beer, jello wrestling and big game hunting.... it's been grand!
 New ring from Earthbound Trading Company, $3. There was a basket full of these suckers and if I were rich I would have bought them all... or if I were dishonest, I would have stole them all.
 Saturday afternoon we went out trailer hunting again at a lot we haven't checked out yet, but dad-gummit we got there too late. Closed for the day. Poop! Saturdays are the only days we have to look for trailers. We found one online for $3,700 though! It's EXACTLY what we need; queen bed, bunks and all BUT it's in Wisconsin. We decided that if we find something at just the right price, we'll travel to get it, but a 15 hour drive to check out something that may or may not work out for us is a little much but we're still considering it.
 So, Cedar got to try food with real substance this weekend and... well, let's just say she had some trouble adjusting to the new textures.

 But River's an old pro!
 Blah, blah, blah Memorial Day stuff...

  Blah, blah, blah I wore this to church...
 I think the dress kinds sucks but it's light and I love the pattern. And look! Another one of those rings!
So that's all for now, ya'll! Time to go smash windows and stir up some riots for no good reason! BYE! Go check out my other blog if you like parenting stuff. Ok, bye again!


  1. Now, that is what I call a knife!! Looking good there, sounds like an excellent weekend (I'm sorry, I don't know what Memorial weekend is, looks like it was good though) take it easy on the riots haha!! love the pics of your babies, Cedar will be used to her new food in no time! x x x

  2. Ha ha Cedar wasn't too happy there.

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


  3. It's odd to think there was once life without textured food for all of us. Cute photos of Cedar and River.
    Good luck with the continuing trailer hunt! That's a big steak knife - happy bbq-ing.

  4. We are on the hunt for a trailer too. We have a cabover camper right now, all self contained but too small.

    Love the expression on Cedar's face!

  5. Wait, Jello wrestling? How come I haven't heard of this?

  6. That looks like the perfect holiday weekend. We're having one here today, too.
    Love your maxi, green nails and pretty ring.
    15 hours away? that's the equivalent of us flying to Madras. A hell of a long way! xxx

  7. Hahaha...Cedar's face was priceless:D Anyhoo, happy Memorial Day!
    PS Hope you find the perfect trailer soon.

  8. love those rings. Sounds like your having a very Texas weekend. Blow something up!

  9. Poor Cedar! I love the expressions she's making and in a dozen years she will be mortified that you shared them with the world.
    I love the rings!
    If you decide to drive to Wisconsin, I'm on the way. Stop by for cookies and Kool Aide! The kids can play with the baby bunnies in the yard.

  10. Bahaha I LOVE Cedar's faces here and I love those rings!!

  11. Hehe, Cedar is a little character!


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