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Sunday, May 3, 2015

wine, beer, snap, tatt

Texarkana Wine Festival
 Yesterday me and the family went to our town's first ever WINE FESTIVAL.
Yes, folks. An "alternative" event that I DIDN'T host!
When I heard of the town getting a wine festival, I was a bit afraid for them taking such a big leap because I know from experience, Texarkana doesn't take to kindly to anything.... different.
Most Texarkana people like carnivals, monster truck rallies, rodeos and gun and knife shows.
This event was for "everyone else".
Texarkana, you nailed it!
Every vendor was a local business or restaurant. There were no loud buzzing trailers selling funnels cakes and over priced nachos. No blow up Spongebobs on a stick and no rowdy kids bopping each other with bootleg rainbow colored light sabers and best of all there wasn't a redneck in sight. 
At the festival we ran into a good friend...
 and more friends... and some others that I cut out so this post wouldn't run on for days...

Mingled with good people...
Saw some good arts and crafts...

Texas beer tee shirt

 Ate some gooooood food - I'm munching on crawfish and grits and duck fat fries...

duck fat french fries

  Fell in love with this trailer. I thought about buying it off the vendor but I didn't have the cash and it didn't have a toilet.... or room for anything besides, making tea, sleeping and eating... and pooping in a paint can maybe. 
vintage travel trailer
  Since beer was only being sold from one tent, the line was pretty long and we were pretty much done with the festival any way so we all went to a little pub thingy downtown called Hopkins Icehouse for some affordable cold beer to drink on the patio.
drinking IPA
I think this looks says, "A little IPA for me too, eh dad?"

man bun
Muffaletta sliders. Yum.
muffaletta sliders
 Baby toes. Yum.
 Helping tourists...
Being tourists...
I've always wanted to do the whole get a photo taken on State Line thing.
Texarkana Post Office
  And the night ended with a bang...
getting a tattoo
 er... ended with pain more like.
getting a tattoo
I finally got that tattoo I've been trying to get for the past two years! I just couldn't find the right mehndi design that spoke to me but this one does. This is my fifth tattoo and my first one in six years and I hope to get many many more. Maybe next time I'll get one on my left tonsil.
mehndi tattoo
And before I go, dig this: I opened up an Amazon fundraising store for our travel trailer adventures. Check out THIS POST to see how it works and why I've started it and all that good stuff or click the banner below to check it out. Thanks!
Time to go blog-stalk YOU now.
Texarkana State Line


  1. Your new tattoo is beautiful!
    The wine festival looks like fun. Everyone looks like they're having fun, but I imagine the wine helps with that.
    Living in a trailer sounds neat. It reminds me of a Vogue layout a long time ago when "grunge" was the brand new look in the 90s. River and Cedar are so lucky to have such cool parents.

  2. How great! An event you like where you didn't have to do the work. I'm happy for you, Hollie. And nice ink!

  3. Darn, the Internet ate my comment. Seems it got hungry after reading this post, just like I did!

  4. This wine festival looked like so much fun! I've never been to one coz I thought it was one of those fuddy-duddy things, but your festival there looks great:)
    PS Love your new tattoo!

  5. funnel cake goes so well with a crisp white.

  6. I love wine festivals!!!!!!!!!! I also love: your husband's hair, that photo of you two at the state line, and YOUR TATTOO!!!!!!!!!

  7. Your new tattoo is beautiufl and so's you in that fab frock and your gorgeous family! That looked like a fun weekend and I'd have wanted to buy that caravan, too! xxx

  8. I loooove old trailers. Wish I could afford one.
    The tattoo is gorgeous!
    Did you drink any wine?

  9. This sounds like my kind of event. Looks super fun! Love your colorful, patterned dress, too! Also, radtastic ink, madam!

    Oh and you may have been joking when you last commented on my blog. I'm not sure, but I just wanted to say that you can totally, 100%, absolutely wear long socks and rock them!

    Check out one of my favorite bloggers and see how she styles them!

    ---> <---

    Stay sweet! <3

    - Anna

  10. Cool tat!!! The wine festival looks so fun and I want that trailer, too! And the beer! And the duck fat fries!

  11. Ah well...pooping in a toilet is so overrated.

    The tattoo is HUGE and amazing! Did it hurt?

    I need to look up what Muffaletta is.


  12. Baby toes, cutest ever.
    I looked up Muffaletta too. It's a kind of bread, but how does it slide?
    You need a big trailer, deeeluxe, with roll-out side things.
    That looks like a fun festival - your family does the coolest stuff together.

    1. A muffaletta is a sandwich made with pastrami with a green olive salad on top, brought over to New Orleans by Italian immigrants. It's like the official sandwich of New Orleans... well, next to the po boy.

  13. hello ... I priska. if friends deign please visit me at


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