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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Booty Betrayal

Hm, let's see.  What's going on with me?
The same ol' same ol'. Starting new ventures, always adding another helping to my plate. Scraping off what's not nourishing but still going back for seconds.

My attempts to level up in my businesses are kind of backfiring a little bit. 
After a bad bout with a competitor on Fiverr, I left the site started my own social media management service. I went from a couple of customers a month to nothing. Well, one. I've had one client since I left Fiverr.

The changes in how Pinterest does stuff has changed and my traffic for my "for-profit" blog,  Quirky Bohemian Mama , has absolutely plummeted. That means no affiliate links get clicked, nothing get bought, no money gets made. *sniffles*
So now I have to work super hard to get my blog posts noticed. I even had to start a.... GASP...
NEWSLETTER!!  **sobs**

Look at my dramatic pose. Oh, woe is me. 
Nah, I think I just had an itch me forehead.

I'm a little bummed out about how things are working out right now but I can't give up. I won't give up. I've put entirely too much time and effort into setting these things up to just let them go. It's going to take time to get things back the way they were. I'm just not a very patient person when it comes to that kind of stuff... but I'm learning.

So this outfit is very intentionally autumn colored to celebrate that the weather is actually kind of turning autumn-ish here. I'm talking like, it gets down in the 60s at night! That's kind of a big deal in Texas! The top and skirt are handmedowns from my mom. The Indian bangle is fairly new; I got it from an online eco-friendly baby stuff shop called Wild Dill. I've had the spider bracelet for a couple years but completely forgot I had it. I've had to scrounge around for jewelry since I misplaced my good stuff after the faire.

And speaking of things not working out for me. This is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. This is the second time I've worn these beautiful boots - (I couldn't wear them before because I couldn't zip them). It was all glorious at first but as I was walking out of church they sighed their last breath and died. The soles of both shoes peeled off and I had to flop my way to the car and through these photos.
Shoe doctor, can you save them?! Not my precious gypsy boots!!
And boom, here's my face. If you didn't notice already, that scar on my chest is from the allergic reaction I had to my giant coin necklace at the faire a couple weeks ago. The wound started off like just a normal whelp but after a couple days it split open to the "white meat" and hurt deep within all over the area for days. Since we're poor with no insurance, I sent the husband to the health food store for some emu oil and now it's healing rather nicely! 

▲  ▲  ▲  ▲  ▲  ▲  ▲  ▲  ▲  ▲

So how are you? How do you take your coffee? Have you ever used emu squeezins?


  1. I'm afraid you've lost me with Fiverr, social media management and how Pinterest does things. I write a blog, get excited that people read it and that's about it.
    You on the other hand look incredible, your outfit and jewellery are fabulous. That allergic reaction sounds terrible, I'm glad it's starting to heal.
    I had those boots in the flat moccasin style, wore them twice and the same thing happened. I only paid £1 so I binned them. Gorilla Glue is usually pretty good for fixing soles. xxx

  2. I am weeping over the loss of those incredible boots! Hopefully you can repair them.

    That sucks about losing clients and the changes on Pinterest. Hopefully things will turn around for you soon.


  3. Oh man! Sorry to hear about the Fiverr and Pinterest thing.:( Just hang in there, and things will get better soon. And sorry about those shoes as well coz they look fab. Hopefully, the glue mentioned above in the first comment can fix those babies up.
    On a good note, you do look fab in this outfit:)

  4. It is a darn shame that more people aren't reading your blog because you are beyond awesome!!! Social media is a fickle little freneny and it is constantly changing which makes it so hard to keep up. I totally love your outfit. I am a fellow bohemian as you may know, and you always just get me with all of the beautiful prints that you seem to find. Impressive.

  5. Poor boots, blog, and biz! That's the breaks with blogs and social media right now, so mercurial. But you're tenacious and good at what you do, the most important thing is to keep going. I've had that happen to every pair of boots I've owned, eek! I take them to the local cobbler and it costs as much as a cheap new pair of shoes ($25ish, F^&^) but it's invaluable for preserving a pair you love. And ow, your scar! We don't have insurance either and have to go natural, glad the emu oil worked for you!


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