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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

dadgummit sassafrassin geez!

Good gravy! I just can't get this day started!
Photos won't load, photo editor won't load, internet is slow, the kids are going coo-coo and they're using me a jungle gym as I'm trying to work, my coffee keeps going cold, I'm hungry and cranky and... and...

I'm sure you get it. It's one thing to have a bad morning but this whole week has been one bad morning and it's only Wednesday.

I had to use my phone for these pics Sunday - my camera lens was super fogged over from the humidity and we couldn't get it cleared up.  Getting the photos from my phone to the computer and to this post was a task that shouldn't have been near as difficult as it was. I almost gave up :whines: but I really wanted to share my new (to me) blanket scaaaarf. Waaaaaahhh!!


You know what I need? Pancakes, sausage, eggs, hash browns, a butler, a personal assistant, some Irish coffee and a fast plane to get me away from here before I lose my mind.
Got all that? That's not a lot to ask for. Seems pretty reasonable, I think.

Yup and now I can't even get the other photos to upload and my face is starting to twitch. I am so done.

I'm going to go lay down on the floor and... not do things.


  1. Ha ha! I'll join you on the floor ; )

    I love all your accessories.


  2. I hear yah, girl...sometimes, my morning starts so cray cray that I'm just like FFS all throughout the day...sigh....Anyhoo, loving the blanket scarf, and the black dress:)

  3. Your new scarf is great, though! I love your earrings.
    And now I want pancakes and hash browns. Darn.

  4. That jewellery...gorgeous! xxx

  5. Love your shoes! The patterned scarf/cardigan is beautiful! <3

    - Anna

  6. Ha ... that does sound like a rather crappy morning! Hope the rest of the week got better.

    Love the scarf. It's such a great colour.

  7. AW, but you look beautiful and stylish despite the craziness. I can't imagine the kids using you as a jungly gym constantly, aaah! Now good luck with some relaxation time for you! :)


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