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Friday, October 28, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Terror Land

Sunday we went to a pumpkin patch - which was a bunch of already-picked pumpkins out on the front lawn of a local Church. I'm not complaining - it was a super cute set up. Lots of photo ops and it was free to get in but it would be cool to visit and actual patch.

The trip was to serve three purposes:
1. To get photos in my new freebie leggings for my October blog post over at Soul Flower's blog.

2. To get heck out of the house since I missed church because Cedar was covered head to toe in RINGWORM she caught from a stray cat I let her play with. (Thank you Jaysuss for tea tree oil, Lotramin and emu oil. A winning combo that cleared that crap up in two days!)

3. To get obligatory pumpkin patch photos of the kids.

Unmentioned fourth stone: To take a family portrait. Didn't happen.

The kids were horrifically uncooperative.

The tears, the snot, the tantrums!

Me and the husband took turns between being photographer and kid wrangler. We gave up on a trying to pose them or even get them to sit down so we just chased them around with the camera and both our phones.

I was almost in tears thinking, "How do the other mom-bloggers do this?! This is HARD! Why am I doing this to myself?!"

Out of a bout 300 photos here are the best we got of our first family trip to a pumpkin patch.

Cedar was actually crying in this photo. It just looks like she was smiling so I picked it.

Wrong way, guys.
That's better.

What We Wore
Cedar Girl: Dress handmade by her granny.
Old Man River: Hand-me-down everything from his cousin.
Husband: Walmart clearance shirt and Dickies slacks from Amazon.
Me:$10 dress from Ross Dress for Less and freebie Soul Flower leggings.

With or without kids, do you do the pumpkin patch thing?

I probably wont be able to get around to your blogs like I'd hope - I'm the coordinator of my church's fall festival this weekend and I'll be out the next few days. So I'll get caught up on blog stalking as soon as I can!


  1. From the pictures you seemed to have a great day. I've never done any pumpkin-patch stuff because of all of the kid drama that would happen. Since it would just be me I just decided against it. Your outfit is really cute!
    Good luck with the church festival!

  2. those Mommy bloggers; it's all in the editing. Do you get emu oil by squeezing an emu?

  3. Soooooooo cute. I love your blog for so many reasons but one of the main reasons is that I get to relive all of the wacky adventures that I had with my kids when they were little. Unfortunately very little of it was ever documented on film partly because cameras were bigger and bulkier in the 90's and also because it is a pain in the patoot to try to photograph kiddies. Nicely done, Hollie. The whole family is on fleek!

  4. Aaaaaaw...but the pics turned out great:) Worth all the running around for:D TBH, when we only had two kids, we would take the boys to a pumpkin patch coz there's one close to us, but when the DD was born, that went out the window. I promised them next year, before they get too old to enjoy it!

  5. You and your family are just gorgeous, you're the only family blog I follow, the others are so staged and pseudo perfect and even me, a confirmed non-mother knows their fake. xxx

  6. Well you saw our local pumpkin field! They had family events there last week, so I'm glad we saw it before that happened.

    Love the photos of Cedar xxx

  7. Those are some cute photos (and leggings) despite the craziness with the kids behind-the-scenes! We have batches of pumpkins in front of churches as our "patches" here in Florida, too!

  8. In spite of the kid wrangling, you got great shots. I love the one of Cedar cry-smiling.

    Everyone is so nicely dressed.

    I've never been to a pumpkin patch. Closest I've gotten was going to an apple orchard in the countryside one autumn where we bought fresh cooking pumpkins which Nick made delicious pie with. It was pretty and I wanted to do it again this year but that didn't happen.

  9. Love the colors and patterns in that dress! So perfect! <3

    - Anna


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