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Saturday, October 1, 2016

My Faire Lady, Version 5.1

Alrighty, here are a buttload more photos from the faire!

And I'm SO proud to announce that we had our first MALE dancer this year and several gypsy men!!! YAY!! 

The mermaids came back again!

Not even trying to be funny. I think this is my natural eating face.

Pro Pics by Scott Johnson Photography:

The lady to my left is a 60 year old grandmother. She's a fabulous belly dancer in the Gems of Cairo belly dance troupe in the Shreveport, LA.
HOT! Now I know what I wanna be when I grow up! A sexy belly dancing granny!



  1. Such fantastic photos and goodness, you look beautiful! The eating shot made me laugh!

  2. Seriously gorgeous pics!!!!!!!!!!! I mean almost every photo is amazing!!!!!!

  3. love that umbrella you're holding. Looks like the faire gets bigger every year

  4. This looks like soooooo much fun! And is your family the cutest family ever? Uh......YES!!!!

  5. What a blast! So much colour. I loved it! You and your whole crew look fabulous!

    I cannot believe that woman is 60. I need to get belly dancing.


  6. Thanks for sharing these pics, Hollie! Y'all looked like you had such a great time, and yay for the gypsy men. So cool:)

    PS That lady is 60?!?!? Man...I am not aging well!

  7. What a riot of colour and beauty!
    Wow! That grandmas is gorgeous, I'd kill to look that good at 49! xxx

  8. How wonderful Hollie! The faire looks like it was really good. All the costumes are stunning. Must have been really fun for everyone. Your children look adorable.

  9. You're radiant and beautiful with your swinging colors and textures! Agree 100%, sometimes with the things we love most it's best to give it more of a hobby designation so we can just ENJOY it. Amazing photos, everything looks like a blast!


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