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Saturday, May 31, 2014

jiggle wiggle belly roll

Before I begin this post, let me take a moment to thank you all for the amazing comments left on my last post about my little family issue. Collectively, you all make one heck of a counselor! 
Saturday I attended a small American Tribal Style belly dance workshop/fundraiser hosted by pro-dancer Amanda (right) who is trying to raise funds to get her ATS teaching certification. She came from Dallas to Texarkana (her original hometown) to give us the opportunity to check out a style of belly dance that's unknown around here. 
I only know classical Egyptian and a little tribal fusion so for me this was a great opportunity to learn something completely different while helping someone reach a fantastic goal.
169 people were invited but only 7 showed up. Welcome to Texarkana!!
The other ladies (and guy) who came to the workshop had never belly danced before. They were there to help support this great lady with hopes that she'll come back someday to give us another lesson.
Honestly I'm not an ATS fan but I love belly dancing and I love challenges so yeah! I'm there! Despite having this basketball in front of me, I was able to do all the moves, but thanks to my lungs being squished and mushed out of place I found myself getting a little light-headed and had to take a couple breaks... oh and going into upward-facing dog for yoga warmups was totally out of the question.
More belly for my dance!!
After the workshop, Amanda changed and gave us a great solo performance.
It was super lovely!

So, have you all ever tried belly dancing? How did you like it? Do you still do it?


  1. Good for you for giving it a try! I've never tried belly dancing. Given that sword, I think I'd rather just watch - from a distance.

  2. I think belly dancing is wonderful and what a cool event! Somehow I missed the last post!!! I'm so sorry you feel that way---have you really discussed options with your hubby? I can tell you know how to get shit done. You plan/organize/execute the throwing of major events in your town... If you manifested a move I feel like you could have your family living somewhere different. PM if you want to know the steps my man and I took.

  3. I love belly dancing! I took lessons a few years ago but the teacher had to move for her day job. I should get my DVDs out and keep practicing.
    You look great in your dancing outfit! Keep on shimmying!

  4. I think this is so friggin cool, I'd be person number 8 how could people skip out of this beautiful talented girl! You always show up with the motivation of 10 people. I think you would look so ridiculously adorable with your baby belly rolling around, so cool! Her outfit is insane I love those Pom Pom things.

  5. wow, her costumes is beautiful. I hope the 7 of you had a blast

  6. That sounds like it must have been really fun. I've never tried belly dancing but am intrigued. You sure look pretty in these shots.

  7. I have been dragged up in a Greek restaurant to dance with a belly dancer, I loved it! and I love belly dancing, I keep meaning to join a class x x x

    1. Do it!! It's wonderful and you've got the all the right curves for it!

  8. Hehe I haven't tried it yet and I think it's not for me but I love to watch other ladies do it. It's so cool to see how incredibly smooth their moves are if they are professionals!

  9. I loved watching at the weekend but not sure whether it was the costumes i was more besotted with! xxx

  10. Super-cool. I'd love to try this.

  11. Aw, this is awesome. I've been dying to squeeze in belly dancing classes someday.

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