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Saturday, May 17, 2014

ketchup sandwich

Getting caught up: here are a few honorable mentions from April/May
Feeling the groove at grandpas house.
Our new weekly visitor.
River's first haircut (done by me!)
 Prepping for our Pirate's Ball next month. That flag cost a penny + shipping on Amazon.
 Got a great late birthday gift from my brother and sister in law. I collect ornate elephants but this one is now my favorite because it's I it's so me, River and a baby in my big round elephant belly,
 First tractor ride at Granny and Gramps house on Mother's Day.
 My new adorable nephew was born at the end of March in NY.
 Found the perfect fabric on sale for $5 for the bodice I'm having custom made for the faire this year. I found the bodice on the right on Pinterest and almost bought it but a friend said she will make it for me for just the cost of materials!!
 And River has discovered the joy of being a bucket head.


  1. Oh my goodness, that little bucket head! So cute. Congratulations on the new nephew. He's very cute too.

  2. That bucket head made me laugh on Facebook, fab! x

  3. I could honestly look at photos of River ALL day long. He is just the yummiest little guy. I can't wait to see that bodice on you. The one on Pinterest is incredible. Xx

  4. Bunny!

    My how big River has got, look at that stride! He's got purpose in his step!
    How cute is your nephew :)

  5. Rivers haircut is too cute same with that after shot, what a ham! I think your new corset is gonna be banging on you!

  6. So cute. River has your face -- his features look EXACTLY like you.

  7. River is the cutest evahh! That elephant/baby is perfect and drooling over your future corset!

  8. I enjoyed all of these pics. The tractor ride looks fun and River the little bucket head was so cute and funny! Who doesn't love pics of babies? Can't wait to see u in the finished corset what beautiful fabric.

  9. Oh it IS good to be a bucket head. So love your Ganeshi elephant with babies. Awesome corset and hey does your family corner the market on CUTE kids!

  10. cuteness attack! great job with the haircut! haha, with the bucket, that should be fun!

  11. rivr an bukex crak me up laffg now
    cant wate tsee yur outfiz for faire wow

  12. Love the bucket head! I can't believe Granny and Gramps have an actual tractor, how brilliant is that! and another beautiful boy, your nephew is adorable x x x

  13. Naaaaw River is such a cutie! Always smiling, such a little sunshine! Can't see enough pics of him :D
    Love the bodice, it's so cool that your friend can make it for you! You will look great for the faire, I already know it :)


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