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Friday, May 23, 2014

someone's in the kitchen with Hollie

It might be you.
After a long day of faire work followed by my nieces' junior high band concert and a dinner of awful Chinese buffet food with my mom I decided to end the day by making breakfast for me and the husband at 10:30pm.
 Breakfast foods are my favorite. Pancakes, oatmeal, bacon, cereals - anything breakfast related has my heart. Croissants, biscuits (American, not cookies), coffee... I love it all and I want it all the time.
 Yes we buy eggs by the crate and yes, this whole post was about me cooking breakfast for dinner.
Ya hungry now?
 What about now?


  1. Yumm! I love breakfast food, any time of the day. I'll be right over!

  2. I am DEFINITELY hungry now, but I will work for cheese.

  3. My favourite is breakfast too! I very rarely go out for dinner (like maybe once a year???) but a big breakfast has my heart. I can go sweet or savoury or both. Mmmmmmm

  4. Wow, you cook up a damn good breakfast! One time back in the early days of our marriage, both my husband and I couldn't sleep. We got up about 4AM and made pancakes, and we just had the best time eating and talking until the sun came up.

  5. i am hungry now and your eggs look so fluffy and looks yummy too!

  6. That's a pretty magnificent breakfast! I know when I have overdone breakfast though as I need a nap afterwards x x x

  7. I'm just waiting for a grilled cheese sandwich to be cooked as I type this at 9pm. That's kind of like breakfast for dinner isn't it? Or maybe more like lunch for dinner. Either way, non dinner type foods for dinner rule. As do you in the kitchen.

  8. Breakfast is the best way to start and end a day!!! I have to confess, though, to finding your style of biscuit kind of weird!!! I was SO keen to try them, and found them very much like what we call a scone. And your gravy is what we would call a white sauce, and neither would be found at the breakfast table!! But who CARES?! They taste GOOD. I will generally eat anything for breakast, but a fave is simple poached eggs.
    O, gawd, YES, a red version of my bag would bring me to my KNEES!
    Yeah, I'm hungry now.

  9. Fuk yeah! Breakfast! We eat a LOT of pancakes over here. A lot!

  10. I can eat breakfast food anytime of the day. Your breakfast looks super good! :-d

  11. Yep, I'm with Helga, that's one weird breakfast but if that's what floats your


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