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Sunday, May 25, 2014

pick a nick

Saturday evening I went on my first picnic with my boys, sister-n-law and nephew.
Yeah, I'm almost 30 and I've never been on a picnic. I don't know why. Well now that I think about it, I guess maybe it's because I didn't come from a "fun family activities" kind of clan. 
 I went to the grocery store and bought some tasty foods for the picnic, but the plan was to go today, (Sunday) after church but the weather was cooling off rapidly and it was only going to get better. I was already hungry and it was dinnertime so I figured, why not now???
 The park is what I would call "infested"with ducks and geese. They're everywhere, they're friendly... and horribly greedy. I made the mistake of giving them some stale breakfast cereal from River's bag. That resulted in them following us everywhere so it was impossible to lay down a blanket in the grass to set up a spot to eat. 
Stupid foul fowl ain't got no manners!
 Luckily a pavilion with picnic tables has been recently built on the grounds so it was very clean, perfect for meal set up and best of all, duck free.

I've never packed a picnic dinner before so I was super excited and kind of went overboard.
Clover honey glazed strawberries
My own combo of dried berries with coconut flavored toasted almonds
Nutrigrain Bars
Mandarin orange slices and Goldfish Crackers for the kiddies
 Grilled chicken caesar salad wraps
Sea salted kettle cooked potato chips
Tuna salad and cracker kits just in case I didn't bring enough food. HA!
Bottled water
Bottled green tea with honey and ginseng
Blue Powerade (for me)
 And the coup de grĂ¢ce:
 I didn't know such a thing existed - especially not in a Texas grocery store. I bought this canned octopus out of curiosity and one taste was enough for me. The texture was surprisingly firm and rather pleasant for canned meat but the smell was outrageous and the taste was no better.
I imagine this is what a whale fart would smell like.
 After our meal we went for a little stroll to let the kiddies run off some energy.
Yes, my son is on a kiddie leash. Some of the pathways at the park are super narrow and there's water on either side of the path with no rails or anything to keep a wild toddler from slipping and tumbling into pond. So yes. We leash him when necessary.
 Only three months left to go! 
So tell me. How often do you picnic? 
Are you like me? A late picnic bloomer? 
What's your favorite picnic food?


  1. Super cute photos of River and the ducklings! Laughed about the fowl following. We tend to just spontaneously buy some bread and fruit and then go to a beach or somewhere. You were mega-organised with food and drink - I think I was like that when I had a toddler. I recall picnics when I was a child - mainly remember the insects!

  2. Yay! Picnics are fun. An excuse to be outdoors and eat -- winning combination. Great photos.

  3. I can't say I'm a big fan of picnics. I can't sit without my back supported for very long so I my pain levels go through the roof. And I hate ants & bugs etc. I'd rather pay to sit at a cafe or something. Loving the birds, your bump & River on a leash! Xx

  4. That's one fancy picnic for a first timer! That octopus looks terrible, I hate imagine the smell.
    You're looking gorgeous. x

  5. Lots of happy faces in this post! I would not have tried octopus! You are an adventurous pregnant-lady eater!

  6. Loooove picnicking. I have a big vintage picnic basket that I load up with all kinds of crazy, expensive stuff I buy in the fancy food deli and that I rarely eat at home. Funny that you chose the octopus! The suckers on the tentacles freak me out :)

  7. if by "picnic" you mean eating outside, I do that every day at work. We have tables under the magnolia trees. For some reason, it's cool and breezy, even in the south Georgia summers. That stuff in the can, no, I don't think so

  8. I like picnics! I pack easy things like sliced apples, sliced cheese, bread (loaves you just rip apart and eat), water, alcohol, olives... Easy stuff that doesn't get gross by sitting :)

  9. Oh I love picnics, love, love, love them! I don't though like barbecues as I don't want bugs landing on my food and then being creamated. I like to go overboard, too much is better than too little and it always keeps. For Andy's birthday once I went the whole shebang and took sandwiches, crisps, various different fruits, scones, jam, clotted cream .. there was so much! We just went on an outing for Andy's birthday the other day and took a picnic along and I got the quantities just right for this one, though I took far too many drinks: we had water, Coca Cola and some fancy Italian fruit drinks and came home with most of them xxx

  10. I love picnics! your first one was way fancier than any of mine haha! ours tend to be butties (sandwiches) and crisps and if we are by the beach we get some chips too (fries), we are so glamorous! you are looking beautiful! x x x

  11. You did a great job with the food! You are making me want to go out on another picnic- I love them!
    It seems like you've been pregnant forever! I was just wondering when you would pop! I'm sure you are happy that you only have 3 months left :)


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