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Sunday, July 5, 2015

this is the title of the post.

I was actually in too funky a mood to write this post until I had a beer... and some absinthe. Now I'm feeling, meh. Ok. I'm ok.
I'm just a little bummed out about not having a clone and/or retractable metal claws.

As you guys probably know, I am very much a doer.
And a dreamer.
I dream. And I do.
When something stands in the way of me achieving my goals, like financial issues, lack of time or even poor planning on my part... I get blue.
Not like in the photo below. Yeah I was a little grumpy, but I'm pretty sure I was talking to my husband about something unimportant like window cleaner or cheese in a can.
So what's on my mind? I've had to cut a lot of projects loose over the past few years and I can't stop thinking about it all for some weird reason. When I cut something loose there's definitely a good reason - usually because it's too time consuming and fruitless. But something in me wants to hold on to ALL of it! All the projects! I wanna do it all!
I'm a project hoarder.

But with having kids, going through a few unemployment spells and being broke and car-less for a while resulted in the end of many projects and hobbies like belly dancing, writing, theater (yes theater) and even big game hunting... humans and dinosaurs mostly.
We're on the road to recovery but yeah, I'm being a little impatient...
and unrealistic. I can't do it all. I know that.

That's why I need a clone.

Now all I'm left with is:
A renaissance faire, 3 blogs (one for the faire), 3 Pinterest pages, 2 Twitter accounts, 6 Facebook group pages, 3 Facebook fan pages, 2 personal Facebook accounts, an empty Etsy store, 2 kids, a husband and a partridge in a pear tree.
And believe it or not... I want to tack on more projects!
GAH! My brain is buzzing with ideas aaaaaall the time.  Good ideas!
Like magnetic toilet paper holders and shock collars for humans.

Oh well. Really, what I need is get filthy stinkin' rich and build a theme park featuring all my crazy ideas. Yeah! That's what I'll do! Anyone got a few million bucks I can borrow. I'll pay you back as soon as I can!

And yes. This outfit is very unflattering. I look like a weird boxy fatty fat fat blueberry. Blame the boobs. Meh, it was a comfy outfit though.

Anywho, I sneaked into Vix's home last night and took this pic.
Looks like it doesn't it? Hee hee!!
This is our DIY lavender absinthe! We added a special herby blend to some Everclear, let it sit for 21 days, strained it and let it sit for another 10 days. 
And here it is!
A little sugar. A little water.
 Bohemian Kool-Aid!
So how are you all doing?? Hmmm??
Are you working on any great projects? Have you had to let any go recently? Did you cry about it? Are you crying now? Do you like ice-cream?


  1. Oh yes, I'm a dreamer too. And I have so many projects I have files full of them. I go back once in a while for a laugh. But you do have a knack for bringing your projects to life. You are a social media demon - I didn't know!
    Cheese in a can? I had to look that up to see if it's for real. Yup. It's also called aerosol cheese, the kind in a can like whipped cream. Heh. So if you inhale it will you get high?

  2. Mmm... absinthe. It's good you have ideas. Some of them will see the light of day. Right now I'm working on a secret, super-photoshoot. If you promise not to tell anyone, I'll confide that it involves a mermaid tail!

  3. yes, I like ice cream. and just got done with a tons of projects. It was good to know I hadn't forgot how to sew

  4. Oh yeah. I feel ya, Babe. I've had to put so many dreams on hold for all sorts of reasons. But they're still floating around out starting to blog again...I must do that. Yep. Just so you know, if you had a theme park I would come and go on all of the rides and buy lots of souvenirs and drink your absinthe which you would no doubt be selling. Right? So keep on dreaming because you get more done in a day than most people do in their whole life. You are a most beautiful blueberry. Cheese in a can. My sister always keeps that on hand to lure my children into making her their favorite relative.

  5. I KNEW someone had been in. It was tidier than when I left it.
    Keep having those dreams, even if they don't always come to fruition, ideas make life interesting and who knows what tomorrow will bring.
    Unflattering? No way! You look awesome. xxx

  6. I love your outfit, you do not look like a blueberry haha. And I LOVE your jewelry of course. You sure do like to be busy, you make me feel verrrrrry lazy (which I guess I really am haha) I hope all of your dreams come true and have faith they will, just maybe after some more time.

  7. I try to never miss your posts. They always make me smile.

    Artistic people have to live with having too many ideas and not enough time/money/energy to do it all.

    When I read the list of all the balls you have in the air it made me tired. I don't know how you find the time to do it all now.

    Having a few drinks will make you chill out and relax a bit. Always a good idea.

    Love that you snuck into Vix's house : ) Does your drink taste like a salad?


  8. 'Bohemian' is the perfect word to describe this look. It looks so easy-breezy. :D I love the embroidery on the tunic and the colorful necklace! <3 Also, kudos on making your own sizzurp. ;P

    - Anna

  9. Cheese in a can must be awesome! I'm a fan of cheese in all forms! :D
    Also your lavender absinthe sounds so delicious! I need to try this myself.
    Argh stop, see how you make me wanna start more projects too?
    Life is too short for all the amazing things to try out there. I feel your pain ;)

  10. Cool that you made your own absinthe! And yes, it does look like you took that photo at Vix's place. I like your hair like that.

  11. I've never had absinthe before, it intrigues me though x

  12. I have that exact top! I thrifted it years ago, and I love it!


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