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Friday, March 21, 2014

and it's important too...

Yesterday I had an important meeting with a group of important people that belong to an important organization here in Texarkana. I had to make an important presentation to make an important proposal regarding and important partnership between an important event and aforementioned important organization...
Could I be any more vague?!?!
Sorry, I just can't give out too much info on this just yet. I don't wanna put the cart before the horse if you know what I mean.
  The meeting was held at this preserved Victorian here in Texarkana known as the Ace of Clubs. You can see why it's called that in the areal photo. The house was "built in 1885 in the shape of a playing card "club" with money won from a poker game; now a tour home and museum."
Unfortunately the meeting wasn't held inside the house, it was in the "carriage house" located behind the home instead. Boooooring... I wanted to go inside! Whine, whine, whine. See what's in there?? In the 40s-60s the last woman of the house had accumulated 500 pairs of shoes from  Neiman Marcus. There's a lot of fashion in that house and I wan't in!
The boring carriage house.
At the meeting I was so nervous that my legs were weak and wobbly and I had to sit down to finish my presentation. That's very unusual for me. Public speaking doesn't bother me at all, even if I'm not prepared - but this time my nerves decided to work against me. I think I played it off fairly well though.
Since the meeting rolled over well past dinnertime, me and the family stopped at a Chinese buffet and stuffed ourselves silly - it's the American way! Even River was full to bursting on imitation crab and lo mein.

...passed out in the car with his big full tummy hanging out...
He slept through the trip into the house, a diaper change and all of my attempts to rouse him since it was 7pm - WAY too late for a nap.
I wish I could sleep like that.
Alright party people. I've missed out on 50 blog posts so it's time to get caught up!
See ya on the flip side.


  1. Well, you are an important person with important things to say about important events and suchlike. I hope you get back important and very positive results!!

  2. beautiful old mansion. I do the same thing after one of those Chinese buffets

  3. Wow, River is getting big! How quickly they grow :)

  4. River is the cutest! Can't wait to hear about the mystery meeting.

  5. You made me all nervous there thinking about your important meeting with important bigwigs. Whew, at least that's over now. Obviously River took it very seriously, too - the stress really took its toll on him. He's getting so big and tall! He'll be a helpful big brother.

  6. You are indeed an important woman. Aw baby boy so tired. And so cute.

  7. Oooooh, lovely house! And look at River with his chubby chops, he's so cute!

  8. Good luck with the very important stuff, I hope you get what you want - the mansion is amazing, I would have loved a good nose round there! River slept like a trooper, full bellies are a sleepy thing! x x x

  9. What a gorgeous place, shame you couldn't nose around inside! loving River's belly and how cute you look in your maxi! xxx

  10. The house is amazing....can't wait to find out about your important meeting. River is just so cute and look at you in your fab maxi with him on your shoulder and a lovely smile, such a lovely photo.

  11. That place looks awesome! I want to go there and inspect all the pairs of shoes up close...
    Look at babeh, soo cute <3

  12. Love a good mystery. River is super cute! That Victorian is so cool..I would love to inspect all the nooks and crannies.

  13. I don't think the carriage house looks boring at all. I like the extra stuff out back. Good luck with your super secret important mission. It will be a success. That's my fortune to you. Oooooh baby sleeping. I love sleeping babies.

  14. Crikey, that house is insane!!!!
    Secret squirrel...sounds exciting, dammit! How very dare you tease us!
    I felt and looked like River last night after dinner....mostly because I drank far too much water with dinner, which I rarely do.

  15. What an amazing mansion! A mess you couldn't go inside... It looks divine!
    And oh my, how cute is River and his little tummy? :)
    XX Tani

  16. That house, splendid!!! In awe of all you accomplish with your little one to care for, too. :D


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