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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

late on the green

Happy Day After St. Patrick's Day!! 
This day is completely unimportant, but I figured I'd use it to share a bit about my St. Patrick's Day since I was unable to make this post on the actual holiday. 
 If you know anything about me then you'd know that I loooooove holidays and I always do my best to dress accordingly - but I have nothing green... well, I mean, nothing that FITS anyways. I have two green sweaters and a green skirt but they're all too small - but my favorite green eye shadow still fits. 
I enhanced the color in the first photo so you can see what a pretty green it is but the photos still aren't very accurate. It's a bold shimmering emerald that is out of this world.
Since going out drinking and partying is out of the question for a few more months, we stayed in and just watched crime investigation shows on Netflix.
 For dinner I made scotch eggs with green hollandaise sauce, green mashed potatoes and broccoli.
Never had hollandaise on scotch eggs? You're missing out! Give it a try! As gross as it all looks, it was pretty fantastic.
All this green madness was followed up with my famous handmade strawberry shortcake. And by "handmade" I mean I used my hands to assemble it.
It's so easy to make. You want the recipe? Here it is: fresh bakery angel food cake, strawberry glaze, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. So simple!
So how was your St. Patrick's Day?


  1. Your lids are luscious babe! The festive dinner may look weird but I wanna eat it! I have heard of a stoch egg but after looking it up I am totally intrigued, would you make me one for breakfast, please:)

  2. here's my "homemade" strawberry shortcake recipe: use plain Greek non-fat yogurt and sugar instead of the glaze and whipped cream.

    I was at work, boo hoo

  3. Mine was nothing compared to yours!

  4. Your eyeshadow is awesome but I'm sorry, I can't share your love of Scotch eggs (hangover fare for carnivores!) xxxx

  5. Love the pretty. The food looks so good my mouth is watering :-d

  6. Mmmmmmm, Scotch eggs. And mashed potatoes. Yummmmmmm! I don't do anything for St. P's day, and yesterday was no exception.

  7. I've never tried a scotch egg but do love eggs so imagine they'd be very good. By chance we ended up having stew on St. Paddy's so we just called it Irish Stew and went with that! I did have a beer out of a green bottle too. I know you (like me) love your beer so sorry you couldn't have any in celebration. But of course yours is the best reason for not drinking there is!

  8. I'm in a the minority camp I'm sure, who gets really annoyed by St Patrick's Day! I don't celebrate it and get irritated when Brits ignore the other saints days in favour of St Patrick's Day and use it as an excuse to get drunk. But that's just me xxx

  9. Scotch eggs are beloved here and I still have never eaten one! I'd have your hollendaise on everything else though and your delish desert! your shimmering lids are lovely! x x x

  10. I loooove your green meal, beaaautiful. I had an uneventful Holiday. Maybe next time we'll have to do something fun.

  11. Looks like your St. Patty's Day was far more delicious than mine!

  12. Fun! Strawberry short cake looks divine!


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