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Saturday, March 15, 2014

I just ran out of pistachios

I just ran out of pistachios and now I'm pretty sad on the inside. I just thought you all should know.
Today, me and the family were supposed to go to Washington, AR for the 46th annual Jonquil Festival.  The Jonquil Festival is an American Civil War themed festival with 19th century demonstrations and crafts and music. I don't really care that much for Civil War history but going to the festival would have been a great opportunity for me to go out and find more vendors to join my faire in October BUT the dang thing is being rained out right now as I type. So POO.
Oh, well. I'm not even sure if black people are allowed into the festival anyways.
That was a joke... get it? Black chick going to a Civil War festival... get it? Hm?? Do ya?!?!
I wonder if they have a separate festival for the descendants of slaves...
Oh, yeah. I totally went there.
So instead today I've been relaxing on the couch, neglecting my housework and fiddling around on the internet - mostly looking for ideas for fun interactive games and activities for the faire. We already have a blacksmith, archery lessons, kid's craft booth, pony rides, petting zoo and "Dunk the Monk" dunking booth game... but I want more!! Any suggestions??
 And here's the great bump reveal. I'm only 4 months pregnant right now. Women usually show sooner with their second pregnancy because the uterus is worn out - but in my case it's mostly just my fat getting pushed outwards. 
Outfit under $20
Plaid dress (well, it WAS a dress. It shrank) - online store
Blue striped dress - Ross
Socks & studded wrist cuff- The Dollar Tree
Chucks - Salvation Army
Peace necklace - made by me
So a few days ago I was vacuuming and...
Yeah, I'm totally guilty but... how did I not see a pair of earbuds on the floor?!?!


  1. I love the pink chucks!!! At our old Ren Faire in Tampa they had a booth a magic wand making booth (pipe cleaners & stuff) for the kids and then after they made the wand they had a magical wizard who would energise/activate it. So simple and the kids loved it. Tons of jewelry & costume booths... Artsists and the living statue people. I'm so sad we are missing the faire this year :(

  2. You look so cute in your Chuck's and a dress, and very grunge with the plaid shirty thing! And I think you should totally show up at Civil War festivals, especially if you're drumming up interest for your totally authentic and culturally accurate Renaissance Faire!

  3. Poo about the weather as the Civil War event sounds like fun. I laughed about the ear buds - its the sort of thing I would do.

  4. Love your outfit & your bump. Sorry your plans got rained out. Bummer. Xx

  5. You look fantastic! Did they reschedule the festival? I hope to hear (or read) about your adventure, if they do!

  6. Loving your cute dress and pink sneakers. What a shame about the fair being rained off. xxx

  7. Poo indeed! what a shame it was rained off - I have nothing to offer other than face painters or bingo, people love bingo! your tartan/ stripes are ace as are your chucks and you are looking excellent at 4 months, I looked ready to deliver with mine at 4 months x x x

  8. Cute sneakers. For the faire, how about having a witch tell prophesies?

  9. Hello gorgeous! I love seeing your bump. So funny about the vacuumed earbuds. Well, not really funny but you know what I mean. Sorry about your rained out plans.

  10. This outfit and your baby bump are too cute! And if I were you I would have gone there too. Weirdest thing I ever vacuumed was my dress while I was wearing it. Xxoo

  11. Poo indeed about the lack of pistachios and rained off festival.
    I have pink Converse baseball boots but whenever I wear them I get a swollen ankle - boooo!

  12. You're pregnant! How did I miss this? Huge congrats, Hollie!! Xox

  13. Your bump is so cute! You look great.


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