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Saturday, March 8, 2014

disaster relief

This is my bedroom at the moment. Terrible ain't it?
This is what happens to most of my home during "Faire Time".
What is Faire Time?
Faire Time is the time between February and October where I work for several hours a day to plan the year's renaissance faire. As you can see from the state of my room, it's a very time consuming job...
I'll go into more detail about what I actually do later.
It also doesn't help that I've got a bad case of the "pregnant effits"
Ok so, what's the "pregnant effits"?
The pregnant effits is a term I invented for myself. It means: I have the energy to clean... I just don't have the will, nor do I care. So, "EFF IT."
Later on in this pregnancy, this apathy will be replaced with severe episodes of nesting: 
"Why are all the doors so dirty?!"
"We have too many DVDs!"
"NO!! There's a hair on the bathroom floor!"
"All the light bulbs in the house need to be cleaned!"
I will clean the house everyday to the point of pure exhaustion, but the house will never be clean enough.
That's how nesting works, folks.
Here's a good example of the "Effits": On the bed are my hoops and petticoats that I wore under my gown in the Mardi Gras parade. When it's bedtime, I just dump it all on to the floor, and then in the morning, back onto the bed it goes.
I actually DID clean the bathroom the earlier this week, though and during cleaning I saw my nail polish collection and wondered, "Hm, how many bottles of this stuff do I have and how much of it do I actually use?"
So I lined it all up and realized that out of 39 bottles only ONE bottle didn't get used. It was an old, separated half empty bottle of some off-brand shade of classic red - I have no idea where it came from.
I used to never ever paint my nails. In fact I've only been painting my nails for about two years now.
The shade I'm wearing now is (chipped up) called Palm Tree.
I think instead it should be called something like, Baby Leprechaun.
I want a job naming nail polishes. I'd be good at it!
Honestly, I didn't know I was a nail polish "fan". I don't actively seek out nail polish - they're mostly impulse buys that never cost more than $1.
So, let's talk:
What's the state of your home right now?
Are you a nail polish fan?


  1. we won't talk about the huge amount of nail polish I have, ok? (97cents at Target)

    There are boxes and crap all over the place, I'm still tiring to pack away (to where, I have no idea) all my stuff to get the house ready for market.

  2. Ahh jeez my home is always half destroyed. I like to blame it on the kidzzz.

  3. The nesting thing... I feel like I'm half way there, but too lazy to do it full on.

  4. Only wear nail polish on my toes---and, my house looks like that every day. I SO relate to dumping everything off the bed to sleep, then piling everything back on it again. That's what happens when you live in a small place :)

  5. I have one drawer of nail polishes. For some strange reason I keep old polishes for way too long. Stuff I never ever use, but can't seem to part with. I'm more of a neat freak around the home, although there are organized piles of stuff around. I never ever pile stuff up on or around the bed. I guess I'm what you'd call a neat hoarder. Xx

  6. The effits. I love it. I have had the effits for many many years. I keep waiting for the cleaning crew to show up at my house. But I guess I have to actually go out and hire one first, right? I've just never gotten that far. I think your house looks like a cozy nest for baby birds. And I am all about toe nail polish. Hey yeah. Imagine that. Someone actually gets PAID to think up nail polish colors names. It really should be you.

  7. It sounds like your pregnancy effits all even out in the end - what a perfect world!

    I have about 4 bottles of nail polish, and I only do my toes and only in the summer. But nail polish is a nice cheap reward, so I'll probably buy a couple new colors this year. And my house is neat, but not fanatic. In fact, it's very dusty right now. I hate dusting.

  8. It took a house-move to switch from years of effits to actually noticing that something needs doing. That end-of-pregnancy scary woman stuff is so real, I can still remember the panic and anxiety over the "smallest" issues. I went through my polishes during packing and biffed out loads, luckily they're all so cheap, it doesn't matter if they've dried up. xoxoxo

  9. Nesting? oh my goodness I'd nearly forgot about that, I was inert too for months than would start painting? it all works out in the end though - I have no nail polish, none! I don't have the patience to wait for it to dry, I do have daughters though, my eldest does my toes (currently chipped thick silver glitter) btw my house is a mess at the mo, it's kids x x x

  10. My home at present = chaos. Andy has a long weekend off so of course the place goes to the dogs pretty quickly, particularly as he was messing about with his bike in the hall yesterday xx

  11. People who do real work, like you with your faire-activities, need a housekeeper to clean house. We can only do so many things. It isn't that you're neglecting your domestic chores; you simply need someone else to do them!

  12. My house frequently looks like this and I've never been pregnant, its what having a busy life is all about, housework takes a back seat 'cos it just isn't important in the grand scheme of things - it'll get done in the end and people will still love you even if you live in a pigsty - that's what i tell myself, anyway! xxx

  13. Thats exactly what my home looks like atm :)
    xx Tani


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