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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

walk with me

Yesterday started waaaaaaay too early for my taste. I woke up at 7am to be at the doctor's at 8am for my glucose test and first ultrasound.  On average I wake up at 10am (we're night owls) - I really needed those three more hours of sleep. I was a total zombie. Not only was I exhausted, but I was starving as well since I wasn't allowed to eat breakfast because of the glucose test.
Elevator "selfie"...
And wearing my winter coat in the freezing cold waiting room, scribbling in a little journal waiting for my ultrasound...
The whole ordeal took three hours. First I had to have blood drawn, drink some orange juice stuff, go to my ultrasound, get more blood drawn, sit in the waiting room for an hour and then have more blood drawn. Both of my poor wittle arms look like this.
After being sleep deprived, starved to death, poked unmercifully with needles three different times - I got to my car and found I left the lights on.... so the battery was dead. Thank God one of the husbands from the same waiting room I was in just so happened to be walking by. He gave me a boost and all was well...
On the way home I stopped at a donut shop and ordered two dozen donuts to share with my husband. I honestly didn't think about how many donuts that is - I just ordered something. That's a lot of effin' donuts. Not only did I get all these donuts but the cute little freckle-faced Korean store owner threw in two dozen chocolate glazed donut holes as well. I guess that was God's way of trying to make me feel better after having such a crappy morning.
Gift gladly accepted. Divine donuts are tasty donuts.
After a breakfast of about... ahem... six donuts, I took a much need nap dressed in polka dots and sailboats. 
When I woke up I took River out for a "walk" since he ate a whole donut - which is the baby equivalent to me eating those six donuts. He's already getting a Michelin Man look about him so a little exercise is a good thing.
The little dude can't walk without holding on to something yet, but we're working on it.


  1. Thank goodness for waiting room husbands! Those chocolate covered donut holes look delish & River is always adorbzzz.

  2. Yay for kindly men and generous doughnut salesmen! Love that picture of River toddling and you in purple! x

  3. I love how you dress River. So cute and liitle-manish.

  4. That sounds like torture, no food, pin pricked...and lack of sleep, eeek! Those doughnuts are well deserved yum. River is so fricken cute. Love to see them so tiny walking around. :-)


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  6. Babies walk at different times, River is doing great! one of mine didn't start crawling/bum shuffling until she was 1, and then she decided to run everywhere - glad the needle stuff is over, doughnuts are a wonderful thing x x x

  7. Chivalry is alive and well! How cute is River's little turn before he plomps down on the floor xxx

  8. go, River, go! I can't even remember not walking, does anyone?

    I hate it when you go to the doctor and they get all pissy because you ate. First off, tell me a day early, second don't have my appointment be at 11am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. That video is so cute! He is trying, but it looks like he wants to dance before he can walk!

  10. Kids are made of rubber. Imagine if we did that too? How cool would that be?
    Now I'm hungry...

  11. awwww, you've described the typical doctor's visit or rather waiting room visit. But the tide turned with your car and surplus donut rescues. Then, of course, there's always River...

  12. Love the maxi dress and polka dots!


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