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Sunday, August 11, 2013

a rockin' benefit

Sunday evening me and the husband took a break from the move and went out to Shooters Sports Bar for a fundraising event for two of his tenants here at the mobile home park.
 To help out with the event, I designed the flyer and donated one of my spider necklaces along with three pairs of handmade earrings for the silent auction.
 My husband donated this MASSIVE hunting knife. It was auctioned off for only a quarter of its value but some money going towards the event is better than no money right?

This is the sweet lady that put this event together for the two ladies in need. She worked her butt off and promoted the event to the fullest extent but the turnout was very small. She didn't seem upset about it but I was very disappointed in the low attendance.
 There was live music from three local bands. They played your typical Southern rock kinda stuff...that I hate... but at least they played it well.
 The husband is wearing an H&M clearance rack tee we got in NY and I'm sporting a clearance rack dress recently purchased at Target for $6.
 There was also a dunking booth. That's my husband in the top right photo giving it a whirl. I've never done a dunking booth before so I decided to give it a shot. 
I dunked a guy on my first throw!!
I participated in my first live auction and lost a $65 gift card from a local piercing parlor. I really had my heart set on getting my lip pierced. But that's ok. I scored big in the silent auction.
 I won an unopened Family Guy edition of the board game Life, a four-piece polka dotted wall art set, a wall clock, another unopened board game called Imagineiff and this hand painted picture.
  So how was your weekend?


  1. this is why we need health care! These ladies shouldn't have to do this. My best wishes to both of them.

  2. You're the coolest - such a good neighbor and dunking-booth-thrower! And I agree with Thorne, this country needs to take care of its people better than it does now.

    I love that painting. Good score!

  3. I breaks my heart that health care isn't free in the States. I'd be in a wheelchair if we didn't have the NHS.
    That looked like such fun and the lady who organised it did a great job. Love your striped dress. x

  4. You're looking cute in that stripy dress. You have such a nice smile!
    I hope those ladies get the help they need. It's heartbreaking that people don't get access to the healthcare they deserve and need... It's not fair that the US has such a high cost of healthcare, compared to other countries!

  5. heheheh River's face is just so cute. Shame about the turnout, I hope they raised at least some money for those ladies. Looks like you've got your evening sorted with those games for weeks

  6. It is sad that the turnout was low but more sad that the event had to be held in the first place. Those poor ladies.

    You look cute and happy in that great dress. And way to go on your dunking booth throw. I've never tried one of those either.

  7. Looks like a fun event! What a pity there was only such low attendance, I hope it was still worth the effort anyway.
    Furthermore you look superlovely in this striped dress! :)

  8. Our NHS may creak a little from time to time, but I am so thankful we have it. It's such a shame about the attendance at the benefit, but some money is better than none as you say. How cute is River!


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