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Thursday, August 29, 2013

we're mass communicatin'!

Today was my first radio interview ever. The interview was as Power 95.9, Texarkana's most popular pop-rock radio station.I personally don't listen to the radio. I hate radio but radio it's a good thing when it comes to free advertising.
I think I did well. No stuttering, no stammering, no "and stuffs" and "like, you knows". They kept the questions nice and easy.
Power 95.9 has been amazing to work with. They post our events and write little articles about us before we even contact them. The DJs Mimi and Wes were really nice and I love their radio voices. It's pretty amusing to hear them hold a conversation off-air but when the mics are on they sound completely different- spunky and articulate. It's cute!
I guess Mimi trains service dogs, because this big puppy was in the studio with them. I wish I had a pic of him standing up. He was so sweet and big!

Well, for those of you who want to hear MY best radio voice, here's a recording I did of the interview. Sorry, there's nothing to look at because I pulled over in my car and recorded it using my camera. So you're looking at my car speaker here. Pardon my Texas accent, I try hard to hide it during interviews because when non-Southerners hear the Texas accent, they think YEEHAAW! And I don't really wanna be associated with that when it comes to business.

Have YOU ever been on the radio?


  1. You sound amazin'! You sound like a radio BOSS! And I would totally be renaissance Faire-ing it if I was over there!!

  2. So nice to have unsolicited support form the community! Nice job!

  3. Pie is pie! And you didn't say Pah is pah, so the Texas accent was not noticeable at all. You have a lovely voice - it's so fun hearing what people sound like when all you know is how they type. I think you should be on the radio or TV all the time. Good luck with the faire! (fancy spelling)

  4. You've such a beautiful voice, Hollie! You exude confidence and I'm as mad as hell that I can't come and play. Hope the fair goes really well. xxx
    PS That pup is gorgeous! x

  5. you sound wonderful! I've never been on the radio, but it is strange to hear yourself!

    Oh no, Vix is gonna miss a festival.

  6. Congratulations on your first radio interview!

  7. smokin' voice! Great to hear you, I love hearing bloggers. I want to come to the Renaissance fayre!


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