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Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm not a geek, but...

... I actually had a good time at the Comic Con today.
That's a real guy in that Vader suit by the way. I'm 5'6 and I weigh solid 200-lbs so as you can see in this photo... Vader was scary big. I was actually a little afraid of him. He had the breathing machine thingy and everything. Very realistic and very intimidating. 
Me and my crew attended the con to promote my Faire coming up in October. 
The first year of the con was weak and all around just plain awful. The second year was a little better but this year was awesome (for a dried up little town like Texarkana).
I don't do comics or superheroes or anything like that anymore* but a comic convention is a great place to promote a Renaissance Faire. 
*= That's a lie. I still like X-Men. Hence the costume.
These two were my favorite. Storm Troopers on their day off I'm guessing.
When we arrived, the Little Dude was pretty freaked out at first. I've never seen him cry so hard before! Tears were streaming and he had bright red splotches all over his little face from the stress but eventually he got used to all the weirdos, the buzzing of a thousand different conversations and loud video game music blaring over the speakers.
While I was walking around handing out flyers for the faire I spied this amazing artwork by an independant comic artist, Mike...something...
As I am a Hunter S. Thompson fan, I asked the artist to sign it big and write a message to my baby boy. So he wrote:
"To River, a Gonzo in the making!"
This is going in River's nursery along with the Ralph Steadman Fear and Loathing Poster we got as a wedding present.


It's Boo from Monsters Inc!!!

In case you're not familiar with the show, this big dude is actor Theo Crane from the TV show Walking Dead. He played Big Tiny. Er, I don't watch TV so I had no clue who he was but I thought it would be nice for River to get a photo someone with famous.... (famous with a questions mark). He loved Baby Mario but thought he needed a moustache. 
Overall it was good fun and I'm already looking forward to next year.
Have you ever been to a Comic Convention?


  1. That is awesome!!! We are huge fans of the Walking Dead (uh, we toured some sets back in June in Georgia). I'm glad you guys had a fun time!!

  2. Gaaah this looks like SO much fun! I'd love to visit a game convention in the US one day! I looove looking at all the costumes! And I always wanted to pull off a Zelda costume like the Link and Zelda couple in one of your photos! :)

    And aaw your two boys look adorable as Mario and Luigi! Love it!! Of course your costume rocks too but I already raved about that in your last post ;)

  3. Nothing wrong with being a geek! Looks like so much fun!

  4. never been to one.But half my west coast friends were at Comic Con in San Diego last month and my southern friends are at Dragon con in Atlanta this week. Which, I guess, make me the weirdo in the bunch.

    PS: another friends works wardrobe on the Walking Dead, funny how everything gets connected.

  5. Geek is great!!! Looks like you had a good time and I'm happy that baby River stopped crying and enjoyed the rest of the day! You lookd really cute and the boys were amazing in their Super Mario Bros costumes xx

  6. I know nothing about the show but I love how cute River is and how hot you look in a blonde wig! x

  7. I'm with Vix - never been to Comic Con, not into fantasy, didn't recognize the Super Mario Brothers thing, don't know what you're talking about half the time. But you guys look so cool! How fun that River got to go, and has some keepsakes. Maybe that drawing will be worth a whole lot in 20 years!

    1. I'm so out of the loop with this kind of stuff. The only characters I recognized were from classics: Star Wars, Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman kind of stuff. I didn't know what 99% of participants were supposed to be!

  8. Way cool! Your costume looks great. Glad you had fun.

  9. You guys look fantastic, although I am partial to baby Mario for sure. So darn cute. This really does look look like it was a lot of fun. I've never been to one though have been invited because of friend's boyfriend creates a comic. Now I'm thinking I might go one time.

  10. You look amazing! That sketch is the coolest!

  11. I've been to one in the UK, there was loads of Lord Of The Rings stuff, so I was pretty excited. This looks like so much fun! You look great. Darth looks terrifying, he's huge! River looks adorable, but yes a tash, he might not've been impressed by it though

  12. I've been to many comic cons since the 90's. The first one when my oldest daughter was about River's age. You and the crew look fantastic!
    So many fun memories for him to look back at (especially the artwork).


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