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Sunday, August 18, 2013

big beards, big tears

Ah, so it happened again.
Hollie is too advanced for this shit kicker town of rodeos and livestock auctions.
I dared to cross the line again- I hosted a beard and moustache competition. Shame on me for being so... daring...
The event was a flop.
It was fun... but it was a big old soggy FLOP.
We promoted the hell out of this event, we were in the papers, websites, flyers all around town...
Our Facebook event page said 50 people were coming with 30 "maybes" and over 500 people were invited.
The results?
About 8 people came to watch the competition...
10 people entered the competition, 4 out of those 10 didn't even know about the competition until they came to the bar for their Saturday night drink.
I'm actually getting teary right now writing this post.
I'm so tired of living in a town where everyone complains about how there's nothing to do but no one will do anything about it. I try so hard to bring new and interesting things to this town. I really do, but everyone's just too damn afraid to get their feet a little wet.
In a city of 143,000 I stand alone.
Well, not completely alone. I have my crew (seen below, minus one person).

I've brought this town steampunk balls,  its first zombie walk, and it's first and only friggin Renaissance faire for crying out loud... what's so bizarre about a beard and moustache competition? They're everywhere!
Oh yeah, to make matters worse, the sound guy I hired spilled his beer on my laptop last night and tried to cover this up by cleaning it and not mentioning it me. The laptop was in his possession the whole time so I'm sure he did it. Needless to say, my keyboard doesn't work. I sent him a message requesting he pay for repairs but I haven't heard back from him yet.
I'm not a very happy person right now.
Er, I'm just gonna leave you with these photos. I don't have anything else to say.


  1. Aww damn. Even I'm a bit teary eyed reading this. It's so sad and I really feel for you. You clearly worked very hard to make a fun event for people to enjoy.

    We used to regularly host self-organized events and can attest that even in a big city, it is hard to get people to come out to something different and unfamiliar. It's so much work to do and so stressful that I have completely stopped doing it.

    Not saying that you should stop ... Only that I realize all the work you would have put into this and how disappointed you feel now.

  2. Oh Hollie, you worked so hard on this event, I am so disappointed for you! The photos are really cool and there were some amazing facial hairstyles. It is very dispiriting when people say they are attending via FB and don't - it is so rude. Sending a big hug your way xx

  3. Hollie that sucks big time. No wonder you are feeling discouraged. Such a shame that more people weren't there to enjoy all of the effort you put in. The photos look great regardless. Hang in there & don't loose your passion for things that makes you you. Big love. Xx

  4. Oh thou gorgeous crusader - fear not! You are a pillar of strength and light and hope and some day, SOME DAY, people in your town will see you for those qualities. Until then, hang on tight to your crew. The main thing is, make sure YOU are having a good time and don't expect to be thanked (yeah, that totally sucks!). Have you ever considered running for mayor? I'm absolutely serious. Why the heck not? I LOVE what you're doing, and I'M thanking you! Mwah, mwah!!!

    1. Mayor? Blech no! No politics for me, but I wouldn't mind running for the Mayor of... awesome? LOL!

    2. Oh yes, you are too right!! You'd be the best Mayor of Awesome ever.

  5. Oh, how sad. I'm sorry, buddy. Most people are too dumb to support the good things special folk like you offer them. That's a pity. And sorry also for the laptop. Geez... I hope your week turns around.

  6. The beard photos are so fun :) I'm so sorry to hear that the event was such a disappointment for you :( It seems to be the same everywhere: people complain but never try to change what they complain about, sad but true.
    I think it's awesome that you put so much heart in hosting such events! You are a fighter and you shouldn't give up on doing what youw ant to do! Chin up dear!

  7. I'm so sorry it didn't turn out as well as you wanted, I think I would have been teary eyed too xxx

  8. You are doing what most can't ever do and that is put you words into action. You are a women who gets shit done and makes things happen! Screw the people who don't appreciate you! I know how you feel, I really do, it sucks when you put a ton of effort into something and it seems no one appreciates or even participates, but don't get discouraged, you are the best gal in that whole town!
    Sorry about your lap top too, I hope that guys does the right thing!

  9. I haven't been commenting much because I've been busy-- so I've just been reading blogs--BUT, I wanted to comment on this!!! I throw events, too. Some have been flops and some have had massive turn-outs. It is tons of work and effort and the dang public seriously underestimates and/or is unappreciative of all the hard work us 'event throwers' go through to make life more INTERESTING/FUN/EXCITING!!! I now view the things I do through the lens of ME-- I do it for ME. I want an art showing, so I throw an art showing... For me. I got my art show thank you very much. I want a summer market, so I throw a summer market... For me. I got my summer market. And so on...
    I hate hearing that you're down :(
    That's some shit about your laptop!!! ugh

  10. You are already the Mayor of Awesome!

  11. Oh noooooo, Hollie!!! I thought your mustache/beard competition would go over well. You just never can tell.

    It reminds me of when I did a craft fair that was focused on recycled/upcycled crafts. I live in a recycling mecca. I had all kinds of cool stuff I made. And I sold one thing the entire fair. To my friend.

    Just try to think of it as a practice session for your organization/event planning skills. You are already a natural at it, but a person can always hone their talent.

    Keep on keepin' on!

  12. Oh Hollie, I am so know this may be very out there, but I think you and your hubs and son would do VERY well out here in the Pacific NW. I would love to have you in our town.

    If you get tired of Texarkana and want some lush green forest, gorgeous sea and beautiful rivers, email me? I'll help you all out however I can.

    By the way, I hosted a murder mystery event here and it sold out. We made $3,300 in one night. So yeah, better prospects here. And this is in a very small town.



    1. Me and the husband actually have been discussing moving to another town. He's sick of his job that pretty much lasts 24/7 since he's a landlord and I'm just plumb sick of this city. I wanna go faaaaar away (like another country) but he wants to stay closer to family here in Texas.

    2. Why don't you come out to visit? Take the amtrak. If you can get here, we can put you up with food and a nice guest room. Have a few days at the beach and some good home cooking. Email me if you interested.

  13. I feel for you, I really do! Jon used to organise loads of gigs and club nights back in the Ninties and it was such hard work.
    I live in a town where people constantly moan there's nothing to do but most of the events anyone bothers to put on are so poorly supported. Keep at it, you made those 10 people's day and that's something to be proud of. xx

  14. I've been out of the blogosphere for a while but wanted to thank you for your recent sweet comment. :)

    And man, that sucks to be so under appreciated after all your hard work and promotion. I don't know what it's like to live in a small town like that, but, having planned corporate retail events, I know that, to a certain extent, success, however you define it, is a bit of a crapshoot. I betcha the people who attended had the bet time ever. Sorry to hear about your laptop. Xoxo

  15. I know how you feel!! Poor you.
    I would have been there with massive bells on.
    People who have never organised anything have NO Effing Idea what goes into it. It's always the same people doing all the work too. Nnnng.

    Anyway. I think your event looked awesome and the punters that did show up know it.
    I have a few ideas for events here but it is a real hit and miss thing as to whether they'd fly..

    virtual hugs. x


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