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Thursday, August 8, 2013

it's hot and I'm gross

It's averaging 99F/37C here in East Texas and I am one sweaty beast I tell ya.
Getting "dressed up" in this heat has become a chore. I'm an autumn layering kinda gal so I don't really have summery clothes. That's why you haven't seen any fashion posts from me lately.
Now the before ard after photo above isn't to show a dramatic makeover of any sort. As you can see the outfit is simple and a little on the boring side for my taste... but it's hot! I don't wanna wear anything at all! I'm just wanting to share with you what I look like on regular basis vs what I look like when I attempt to dress up in this blasted heat.
I give you "the normal sweaty work-from-home mom"
1. hair styled first thing in the morning using whatever hair band or bobby pin is found laying on the floor close to the bed.
2. No makeup, but eye makeup still partially in tact from the previous day because I was too lazy to wash it off.
3. (Late) brother-in-law's tee shirt complete with new grease stains from cooking. As you can see the grease stains start from shoulder to hem. I have no idea how that happens. It happens to all of my shirts.
4. Little boys basket ball shorts found by my husband, also with grease stains.
5. Prickly legs. I haven't left the house since Sunday, so why shave?
6. Dollar store flip-flops and toenails that have been painted with several layers of different colored polish because I'm too lazy to use polish remover.
And now I present, "The Faker"
1. Same hairstyle, only smoothed and sprayed
2. Make up applied in front of the AC with no mirror because it's too dang hot in the bathroom.
3. Arm pits shaved for the first time in a couple of weeks. Hey, if no one's going to see them, I ain't shavin'. 
I told you I was gross.
4. The lightest dress I own recently purchased from Target, worn three times so far and has never been washed because something in either the washer or dryer is putting black marks on our clothes. Can't figure out what it is.
5. Legs hastily shaved with husbands electric razor.
6. Cheap sandals that don't match because I hate for my shoes to match my outfit for some weird reason. Also, a new layer or polish on the toes.
So how hot does it get where you are?
How do you dress when it starts getting too dang hot?
Today's temp.

Here's the temperature right now. I never wanna leave the house again.


  1. for the past, I don't know, 2 months the weather here was been: low in the mid 70's, high in the high 90's, humidity way to high, with a 50% chance of rain. When it rains it cools off, then gets HOTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like we have the same weather

  2. Ugh - I thought it was hot enough here, but it's been under 93 usually. The weather is so crazy everywhere! Ours is fairly nice, usually in the 80s, but a little too hot for a woman with hot flashes. It doesn't cool down enough at night either.

    I like your cool breezy yellow dress!

  3. I'm a lizard, I never get too hot. I'm the freak that flies to India pre-Monsoon and adores those mental temperatures. We never even have air con! I'm constantly cold here in soggy Britain.
    You look fabulous in that pretty yellow dress. xxx

  4. It gets into the eighties over here but I personally have never known it creep higher. You look lovely in the yellow dress xxx

  5. Here in Brisbane it averages around 86 to 104 degrees here in summer. Can you believe it's going to be 80F here over the the middle of winter. I hate the heat with a passion. I would love to move somewhere colder if it were practical. I fight the sweat & shine & frizz all summer long so I feel your pain. If you saw me at home I'd be unrecognizable! Xx

  6. Heat is a killer and yours is worse than ours. You need to open an ice bar in your town!

  7. When it's that hot no matter how pretty you feel at first you always end up feeling gross. I think dresses are great for the heat, easy breezy baby. It's been nice this summer in Oregon, not to many days in the 90's and now we are back to the 80's, it's perfect now!

    That yellow dress is so sweet on ya.

  8. I'm with ya on the "autumn layering kind of gal", I never know how to wear anything in the summer. I tear my clothes off the second I get home from work and spend the rest of the day in a tank top and underwear. Unless I have to go to the store or something :)

  9. bloody hell, that looks hot. The yellow dress is a stunner, keep cool!

  10. Beautiful dress! I can't even imagine heat at the moment, right in the middle of winter here in Australia!


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