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Friday, August 23, 2013

there's a Storm abrewin

Hello my little love muffins. I hope all is well. 
Next weekend is the 3rd Annual Arklatex Comic Con, an event that was started by a few brave locals that has caught on well. If you know anything about my town, as you've probably read many times about how much it sucks, then you would know that these people took a huge risk investing their time and money on something so... "different".

Now, I'm not a fan of superheroes and comic books or anything of that nature but from the very beginning I've attended the Con as a way to promote the faire. Comic book nerds are often times Rennies as well. I rent a booth, hand out flyers, allow people to sign up as volunteers for the faire and take donations. Easy peasy effortless marketing.
This year instead of wearing my usual Renaissance garb, I've decided mix things up a bit and stay somewhat true to the spirit of the Con... and my faire
So, I'm going as Storm from X-men... the Renaissance version.
I got this wig on ebay for $16, shipping and all.
The front is too long and awkward and the hair falls in my face no matter what I do.
I decided to take the scissors to it this morning and got a great Halle Berry as Storm look.

I found this awesome necklace on Etsy for $8 from this shop here.
The rest of the outfit came right out of my closet. I don't believe in spending a ton on costuming.  I never wear the same costume twice so why bother?
I know the outfit (and my FACE) will look waaay better when I apply the proper makeup.
I think a cape would really help make this outfit better but the weather here is still very hell-like.
Blouse, necklace and leggings: Etsy
Cincher: retail
Boots and skirt (just a tucked in maxi) : Handmedowns
Yeah... maybe I do need a cape.
Before I go, I would like to thank everyone for the sweet encouraging words regarding my failed beard and moustache competition. I'm feeling much better emotionally about it all but I still get a wee bit mopey when I think about it. That's actually not a normal thing for me to do. I usually just shrug and say, "Oh well" when things like that happen but this time it really got to me. Eh.
My laptop is still beer-soaked and the keyboard will need to be replaced - that's a heck of a lot better than having to replace the whole computer! Thank God we got a PC last month. If it wasn't for that I'd be up the creek right now!


  1. You are awesome.
    Totally cool dressing up girl!

  2. What a cool outfit and the wig is awesome. Like you I like dressing up and re-using items for costumes - I think you look fabulous.

  3. Love it! I agree with everyone else, you make Storm looking sexy! Ow ow mama! :) I think a cape would look better too, maybe a black one? Its all cute though, can't wait to see the finished outfit!

    I just read the Beard and Mustache Contest post, sorry it didn't go well. :/ I have planned events before and put my heart into them and not had them go well either. I usually react the same way. :( It sucks but there is always next time! Hope the Comic Con goes better for you. It should with that HAWT outfit. ;)

  4. Your wig/outfit/necklace is MAJOR!!! You are freakin' hot, sexy Storm-- so love it! We have comic-con going on this weekend :)

  5. I don't know about Storm or any comics, but you look pretty 'mazing in that white wig! And the belt, and the necklace. If you can find a lightweight cape, go for it!

  6. Very nice. Love the wig. You make me think about how long it's been since I've put on a costume for anything! Far too long.

  7. You are incredible! Do you know that? That town is too small for someone with as big a mind and heart as you! You are so hot as Storm! I love how you made her your own! A cape would totally complete it;). Good lock at the Con but I don't think you'll need it.

  8. Faaabulous!! And I love that you are supporting other peoples creative endeavors as well. They had all better come to your RenFaire!

  9. That's a fecking awesome outfit!
    I agree, the best outfits are straight out of your regular gear. No need to go buying shit! A little tweaking and away you go!X

  10. Oh my God this is SO SO cool! I love that you join the convention and even dress up as a comic character to take part and advertise for your project! The wig is awesome, it's perfect for the Storm costume! The con will definitely be so much fun in this outfit!! :)

    Oh and I'd like to invite you to my Firmoo giveaway, you can win lovely glasses/sunglasses:

  11. Yaaassss u work it girl i love the costume!

  12. Don't you look fab! I miss dressing up, I used to go to fancy dress parties a lot before the friend who held them had an almighty hissy fit when two people couldn't go and cancelled all future parties.

  13. I'm sorry I'm late hearing about the competition, what kind of shit town do you live in? Hmm one like mine by the sound of it. The same sort of thing happens here. You look pretty awesome as Storm though! Cheer up!


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