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Saturday, April 6, 2013

1,001 beards

I now have 1,001 followers on Pinterest. What does this mean? Nothing. It's not something I can put on my resume and it's wasn't a goal I was trying to reach- so nothing. It's just something neato that I noticed today. So in celebration of my new useless discovery, I shall share with you an outfit with some of my favorite pins in between.
As I mentioned in my post yesterday I'm planning my town's first beard and mustache competition. I contacted the owner of a local bar here and he's all for it! Now I'm studying the rules and different categories for facial hair judging. What have I gotten myself into? 
Did you know that in the World Beard and Mustache Championship there are over 20 categories to compete in? Including the Amish Beard, Fu Manchu and the Dali Mustache.
I'm going to just do five categories: natural full beard, groomed full beard, mustache, partial and freestyle artistic... and maybe a sixth for women's faux beards as I've seen done before.
Head scarf: sash from a hand-me-down dress
Tank and Cardigan: Walmart
Skirt: bottom of an old dress
Clutch: Ebay
Shoes: Local beauty supply store.
Moving on with this pin here: I will say with much confidence that if I was around in Tom Wait's youth, me and him would have been an item. We would have gotten married and lived in a castle made of  unicorn hair and dreams. I am very sure of this.
But God had a different plan for me and I'm ok with that. Sorry Tom. Maybe in another lifetime.
River will be 11 weeks tomorrow! Great discovery: I found out today that his favorite song for me to sing to him is "Wonder Boy" by Tenacious D. That's my boy! Not so great discovery: He pooped five times today. Holy smokes.
This pin is a bunch of bull. Well it's a pretty photograph of a dandelion on fire no doubt, but the pin's description says "Dandelion on fire. Bucket list for this summer... light a dandelion on fire". Mmm.... you know what happens when you set a dandelion on fire? It catches on fire... that's it. Not pretty pink and purple and yellow fire... just plain jane fire. Nothing more. Don't be fooled folks. You wanna good trip? Drop acid and go swimming.
Fun fact about me: I can't stand Tome Cruise. He makes me wanna puke... but I LOVE him in Interview. I have such a weakness for villains!
The end.
(And what a magically delicious end it is!)


  1. Lol! I can just imagine you standing there, dandelion in one hand and match in the other, thinking "This is NOT what I was promised".

    1. HAHAHAHA!!!! I made my husband do it because I knew I would get raging mad if I did it myself and it didn't work.

  2. I think I could enter the women's beard contest, except my beard wouldn't be faux. I also can't stand Tom Cruise. In anything. I don't see the character, I just see Tom. Like we're on a first name basis.

  3. Wowza!
    Ugh, I can't bear Tom Cruise either...except in The Last Samurai. He's such a dweeb.
    I'd be wuite keen to assist in judging beards, fondling them,sizing them up. It'll be a grand event!
    Love that new header!
    5 poops?! Crikey! Where does it all come from, he's so tiny?!

    1. Ah yes! How could I forget Last Samurai? He was very tolerable in that movie.

  4. I like Tom Cruise!! Hahahaha! Interview was goooood! Can't wait to hear about the beard contest-- so cool!
    Becky :)

  5. Wow!! Someone who hates Tom Cruise and loves Tom Waits in equal measures, as much as me? Yesssssssssss!!!!!! I LOVE the sound of the hairy-face competition and congratulations on hitting the 1K mark on Pinterest - I think I have about 20 followers, but like you say, it's not something that goes on the resume huh? ;). River's a treasure with that beautiful smile and I covet your clutch! xoxox

  6. Ha, I can't stand Tom Cruise either. I haven't even watched Interview with a Vampire specifically because he is in it. Your son is adorable. I love your silver shoes.

  7. Great idea for the beard/moustache thing. I once did a blog-post on the crazy hair some guys sport. And Tom Waits was a favorite of mine from the very beginning of his career. I just listened to his latest CD which has some nice tracks on it.

  8. I loved Tom Cruise in interview With The Vampire but, man, I loathe him now! x

  9. Tom's always made me puke in my mouth a bit.

    River, however, is frickin ADORABLE! Look at his little squishy mouth!!!

    I would LOVE to be a guest judge at a beard competition. In fact, I'm putting that out there - I waana be a beard judge!

    Sarah xxx

  10. Haha you're so cute, it's always so fun to read your posts! :)

    I love this little colourful clutch and of course the photos of you with the little one!!

  11. I want to see those bearded guys!
    I also can't stand Tom Cruise and/or the persona that he is always trying to portrait outside his acting jobs.
    Baby River is way better that Tom Waits and way more happy and sunny too!


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