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Friday, April 26, 2013

video killed the Renaissance star

Wednesday I met up with my sister for sushi with her friend Tiara. Tiara was in town for business and my sister was super anxious for me to meet her. Turns out, Tiara's like our long lost little sister. Her offbeat humor and wackiness matches ours perfectly. 
This is my sister by the way. I don't think you all have met her yet. So here she is, with me being weird awesome behind her.
We are sisters indeed.
During our meal, I know we made the other customers mildly comfortable with our loudness and laughter over our "Charlie Murphy meets Rick James" impersonations - but it was fuuuun....
 ...and delicious.
I usually put my photos in a little collage to make loading easier for people with slower internet connections, buuut I'm in a bit of a hurry. Sorry!
Tuesday, me and my crew (The Right Handed Pygmies) worked the Chick-Fil-A Mother Son Date Knight. It was such a cute event. Part of the restaurant was decorated to look like the inside of a castle. There was a knighting ceremony and free limo rides- HOLLAH! 
They named the cow "Sir Eat Mor Chikn". Love it.
Here's me and some of my crew. We just couldn't get this photo right! Every photo I've seen of us in this pose, none of us are looking at the camera!  
 These three aren't members of the Right Handed Pygmies but they are AWESOME people. The guy in the middle is Clint and that's his teen son and daughter on either side of him. Clint makes and sells this leather armor and it is beyond amazing!! I asked Clint to come out to the event in his armor to help add to the fun and he agreed to it with no hesitation! Such a good guy! His wife helped me watch River as I worked. She was soooooooo sweet.
Check out Clint's store Oristian Subculture here.
 Here's one of the only full photos of me in garb.
 And me and a fellow Right Handed Pygmy, German cutie Lexy. 
So how was YOUR week???? HMM????
Oh yeah. I'm doing a bit of spring cleaning for my Etsy store. Just use code SPRINGTIME to receive 20% off your purchase!
Peace Sign Earrings


  1. You look amazing!!!!! I love your Ren Fest outfit!!!
    Becky :)

  2. Ooooh sushi and other yummies! Love it! Hubby and I went out for sushi on Tuesday for our wedding anniversary. It was so delicious (as it always is lol). By the way, I agree with Pink Cheetah. You look sooooooo good in your Renaissance Queen outfit. Wow! You look great! <3

  3. Oh wow, your renaissance dress is just gorgeous - you look beautiful. Loved looking at your jewellry and your friend's leather things - you are both very talented.

  4. You look amazing, that dress is just incredible.
    Your sister's as cute as you. xxx

  5. Your sister seems to share your bold personality. Lucky gals!

  6. You and you sister has a similar spirit and funny faces!
    You look fantastic in garb!

  7. Date Knight is probably the cutest idea I've ever heard! Love your outfit. Looks like you had a blast :)


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