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Thursday, April 11, 2013

cut it off on your birthday

Spring is here and the weather has gone absolutely mad! Yesterday it was over 80 degrees. This morning was in the 70s and then a storm brought the temperature down to the mid 40s by 7pm.
Go home weather. You're drunk.
Well the weather is bound to regulate itself in a few weeks so I've been getting ready by sorting through my wardrobe to find some summery clothes to fit my new bootylicious post-birth body.
Since we're going to New York in June for a wedding, money is kind of tight around here so no summer clothes shopping just yet. So I've been using my thrifty creativity to the best of my ability by demolishing maternity dresses and oversize tops to create skirts. Here's one:
This was a maternity top I accidently purchased a few years ago. I didn't realize it was a maternity top- I just liked the way it fit and flowed. A few days ago I realized how much I hate this shirt now so I cut off the top and there ya go! A new summery drawstring skirt!
And guess what? My birthday is the 18th of this month! I'll be 28. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm young, I know. Since I was a teen I looked forward to being 28. I felt it was a good age to still be considered young and hip, but old enough to have long since been established as a respectable adult.  I'm not going to be one of those women who cries all day on their 30th or 40th birthday because they're "getting old".  I think getting old is awesome. The older I get, the cooler I feel.
How did you guys feel about approaching 30?
I never ask for anything for my birthday. I save gift requests for Christmas, but if I did have a birthday wishlist, here's what would be on it. Me loves Polyvore.

birthday wish list

$49 - 
$18 -
$7.65 -


  1. Excellent overhaul!
    Glad you're loving life at 28. Yes, in many ways it DOES get better.

  2. 28 is sooo fun! Love the striped dress and green boots. Great DIY skirt.
    Becky :)

  3. Looks great! just gets better and better and better! xxx

  4. Such a cool idea to tun the shirt into a skirt! Your outfit looks so cute with the polkadpt cardi! :)

  5. I turned 43 last week and I'm more farking fabulous every year. Don't worry about age - it's irrelevant!

    I have those green boots but in red!

    Sarah xxx

  6. that skirt is pretty ingenious! you look amazing and happy! and happy almost birthday! 30 never scared me. i also think that getting older means we're getting better!!

  7. charming look! lovely boots and dots!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I just have to follow esp with all those amazing ladies around

  8. Wonderful look! Really like your cardi! :)

  9. I LOVE to scour the maternity section!!! I've found great dresses/tunics to cover my boobs/belly there, and who else knows??? Lovin those green boots-hope you get them . Tell your hubs I said so. Could help?

    Hey, you cute hubby, your beautiful wife deserves those boots. They will go with everything - she can wear them all summer and fall - so they will only really cost a few pennies per day (or less!. She birthed your child. Her feet need those boots.
    Reva :)

  10. Aging is a wonderful thing; if not the other choice in 6 feet under!
    Very creative of you to make a skirt from that top.

  11. over 30 - too late! But I'm ok with it, I still feel immature. You're looking hot! xx

  12. Check out you modifying that top, that awesome! I hope you have a great Birthday honey! I loved turning 30 and 40 I think the only thing that sucks about getting old is the body wearing out.
    I hope you get something new and pretty to help celebrate, and have I mentioned how cute your baby is! Cute!


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