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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

when it's long lost in your face

This dress was given to me last year by the owner of a coffee shop I used to frequent. His mother got it in Egypt- I think that's the story. It's brown silk with amazing metallic silver embroidery. I put it in the closet when he gave it to me and completely forgot about it.
I've put this dress in the costume portion of my closet but I've still never even tried it on until today. I finally gave it a shot and it fits this busty gal wonderfully. I'm not sure if I'll wear it for anything other than a costume because its kind of boho-granny-ish. I feel like it'll work for an older lady, you know? Does that make sense?
Of course I had to pair it with my amazing Vixy leopard boots and aqua blue lips inspired by the super cute young eccentric blogger Zoe of Girl with the Flower.
The makeup is my favorite $1 eye shadow sticks by LA Colors. The sticks come in sooo many colors and I'm on a mission to collect them all. They suck as eye shadow but work perfectly for my constant need for face paint (parties an events, WFW, "just because" dress up time, etc.) and they're easy to clean off.
Tonight I made some super herby turkey burgers and accidently made an eggy... sperm...
The patties were loaded with ground rosemary, basil and purple onion. I topped them with mozzarella, egg, tomato, baby spinach, baby bella mushrooms and a pesto mayo lemon sauce I invented.
Well, now it's time to bring this post to a close. I've got a super fussy three month old baby demanding my attention. Have a good night!


  1. Yummy. Burgers sound delicious.

    I think maybe it's the colour of that dress that makes it feel too old. In a nice bright colour and with a belt it could have been lovely.

  2. The dress is lovely - maybe you can funk it up even more with a denim jacket?

    I LOVE LA Colours anything! Used to buy their midnight blue liquid eyeliner and glitter lip gloss in my local (Toronto) dollar store for a buck each! I am now running out of everything and of course can't find them in France - you've set me on a mission to troll the Internet. Otherwise, I'm sending my twin sis back to that dollar store!

    Your little guy is so grown up looking already! What a cutie pie. Xo

  3. Tasty! You don't get turkey around here, really. I have seen it for sale, but rarely!
    I love the makeup, I see Adam and the Ants inspiration! The caftan is gorgeous, such a velvety brown, and what a lovely gift! XXX

  4. Yummy food and the egg sperm was a good accident!
    The dress embroidered and texture look great on you.
    Loving the inspirations, since I already adore Vix; I now got to check Zoe's blog.

  5. You are rocking those blue lips, babe! Our boots look fantastic with that beautiful caftan, maybe hack it off so it's a bit shorter and wear some turquoise tights/crazy leggings?
    River's getting big and you're one hell of a cook. xxx

  6. Oh River! That picture of him is priceless. It's like 'Hey mom, what the heck are you doing over there with blue lips? Get over here!'

    The food sounds very tasty. As for the dress, I would either be wearing it every day around the house as the most comfortable house dress going, or, as Vix recommended, I'd cut it shorter. It does look very nice on you and is probably too good to just wear around the house, so the shortening is probably the better idea. Although the thought of a silk sac to wear around the house is very appealing! :)

  7. I like it as is, the Egyptian silk dress. The length is perfect with Vix's leopard boots and it fits you so well. I don't think it looks costume-y at all and even if it did - so what?! I love the make-up with it, especially the turquoise color. Wear it!

  8. I say cut it too you've already funked it up with your face paint and sexy booties:). I love the blue lips on you too! Helga said it first totally reminded me of Adam Ant!

  9. I would wear that as a regular dress!! It looks so cool on you and I love the make-up and the boots! I like this as an everyday look!
    Becky :)

  10. I love your blue lips! And I just checked Girl with a Flower. Thanks for the reference. Your dress is spectacular and I'm glad you pulled it out. I'm not feeling that boho granny vibe at all. I see chic artist.

  11. oh my... what a face! River that is, you don't look as grumpy. You look pretty awesome with your blue lips, turquoise blue and brown are a wicked combination.


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