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Friday, April 19, 2013

it's my party and I'll cry if I want to

Yesterday was the most uneventful birthday I've ever had. I would love to write a long angsty post about how depressed I am about the whole thing but wallowing in my woes would just make it worse. Plus no one likes to read unhappy crap- I know I sure don't. So I'll just keep this brief  about why my birthday sucked so much. 
First, none of my immediate family called, emailed or even texted me to wish me a happy birthday- no gifts, no cards- nothing. I don't know why. 
My husband declared yesterday that we couldn't afford to go out for seafood like I wanted but said he'd think of something for us to do... eh, he didn't... So I spent the evening moping about washing dishes and halfheartedly fiddling around on Pinterest. 
The first half of my birthday started off rather promising though. Packages started being delivered to my door one after another. Even though only one was an actual birthday gift, I was stoked to get these packages in such good timing. I received a birthday check from my mother-in-law, a long awaited Ebay purchase finally came in along with a cute little froggy tea infuser giveaway prize from Tilda of Tea With Squirrels.

 It's been raining so much that this package was mushy and all the stamps began to peel off. These are my ear weights from Malaysia! Yay!
 Also, the day before yesterday a gift for River (from my Aunt) came in. River's gifts are my gifts so I'll count that as one. It's a play pen with a raised level to keep younger babies in. Flip the little bassinet over and it's a changing station! Cool!
Oh and how can I forget? My sis-in-law got me a pack of Shiner Bock which is one of my favorite beers.
Everyone knows that the way to a Hollie's heart is with good beer.
Have you ever had a crappy birthday? Dish! Dish!


  1. All the packages look like fun stuff! Sorry it was a bit of a bore. I've had a couple of kind of boring ones when they fall on school/work days. We always pick another weekend day for all the fun. So maybe Saturday or Sunday you could do something?
    Becky :)

  2. I'm sorry you had a disappointing birthday. My last one was the worst I can recall. It was pouring with rain, I was in a city where we couldn't afford to do anything and my back was hurting so much I could barely walk. We didn't go out for pizza like I wanted and came home to a vague telephone message from the woman at Andy's aunts residential housing, to call her, so my birthday was forgotten as we tried to get in touch with the woman, all the while thinking the worse, when it was nothing important after all. We didn't even eat that day.
    Looks like you got some lovely things, even if one was for River xxx

  3. The foggy tea infuser is so cute! I just got mine robot tea infuser yesterday!
    The older we get the less people really care about their birthdays. Not for me; I had many disappointing birthdays in the past and I do clearly understand your feelings.
    For a while now to avoid feeling this way; I buy myself a favorite item and pre-order my favorite cake and I put in a little money two months before my birthday in order to take myself out to eat with the family just in case everyone else is broke on my birthday. It takes some planning but at least I don't feel like my birthday was just another day of the week.

  4. Ah honey I'm sorry about that. I've had my fair share of shitty birthdays but in the long run you only remember the good ones. Happy Birthday dear. I'm intrigued with those ear weights, is that ti stretch your holes?

  5. Awww... that sucks. I've had a few crappy birthdays, too, where it seemed the whole world forgot to make a fuss over me and it hurt. It hurt! I know what you're talking about, buddy.

    My sympathies. Next year, I'll hire a group of musicians to sing ballads in your honor and dancers to amuse you. Or at least send a card. :)

  6. Ack birthdays. Sorry you had a less than steller one. I mostly have those types (although I refuse to do the dishes on that day even if they wait to be done the following morning.) I have noticed that people who have good ones usually do a lot to encourage celebration on their behalf, such as reminding people that their birthday is coming up or throwing themselves a bday party. Perhaps something for both of us to consider for next year! I tell myself that my friends never wish me a happy birthday because they don't even know when it is. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  7. Oh, I am sorry to read that you had a crappy day, I wish I had read this post sooner so that I could send you some big birthday wishes all the way from NZ. I have had a few myself. Your gifts are lovely - the ear weights look very heavy! Take heart in knowing that you have lots of birthdays to look forward to for your beautiful son, since I because a mum I have enjoyed birthdays so much more. Children really bring magic to birthdays - especially their own ;-)

  8. I'm glad you got the frog on your birthday, Hollie!! I had no idea, so it worked out well---so sorry it was kind of a crappy day though.

  9. Crap birthdays are a rite of passage - write a blues song about it!

    Sarah xxx

  10. noooo! Hope the rest of the week was ok. Definitely not good to leave organisation to men when your happiness is at stake, bloody useless x

  11. My last birthday sucked :( My husband couldn't afford to get me anything, but he did take off the day of work so we could spend it together. We went antiquing and I had to buy my own present. Ho hum! But it was nice to spend time with him anyways.


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