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Sunday, April 28, 2013

so what if I like pretty things...

Here. We. Go! Here's a wee bit from the week.
Friday my husband asked me if I was interested in a low maintenance pet and I said, er sure. He stuck out his hand to reveal a teeny tiny ugly little baby turtle that he had rescued after nearly stepping on him at a gas station parking lot.
Ugly? Yes, but there's just something about a baby anything that makes a woman squee with delight. He was so tiny!! But his reptilian markings reminded me too much of a snake (which I am horribly terrified of) so I asked my husband to let him go near the pond on the property. Bye bye baby turtle!
Saturday I finally got to spend my $20 gift card to Michael's Arts & Crafts Store. The gift card was a late birthday present from a new friend and boy was I stoked! $20 can go a long way at Michael's if you know where to look. 
#1 An awesome sticker book. I'm tickled pink that I found it because I was totally thinking, hm, I haven't had stickers in years- and then, hey! A sticker book!
#2 Felt owl mini clothes pins
#3 Circus giraffe memo pad
#4 I've been needing a blue ink pad for months now
#5 Cute birdy blank greeting cards
#6  $1 circus animal rubber stamps
#7 Owl light switch cover
#8 acrylic paints on sale 4 for $2
#9 sponge brushes- I have a nasty habit of reusing these until they're gross and crumbly
#10 Another light switch cover
I also went shopping for a dress for the NY wedding in June. Sorry about the weird blurriness, I think a cloud passed by outside or something. I got this dress at Ross for $10. I was looking for something kind of plain but unique so I can dress it up any way I like. I fits super weird thanks to my massive bosom but I'm still experimenting with ways to make it work.
I'm pretty sure I want to wear this sequined cardi-shrug with it... but I also want to wear a hat or a giant massive fascinator.
I considered wearing this hat with the outfit. This is the only hat I own. It was my grandmother's. Before her funeral a few years ago, all the ladies in the family got dibs on one of her hats to wear to the service (she was a hat lady) . I chose this one. It's way too thick and heavy for an outdoors garden wedding so I think I'll pass on that. Plus I'm old fashioned and I believe your hat should match your shoes and I don't have fuchsia shoes so, it's a no go.
I also want to wear gloves. I completely forgot about gloves as accessories until I spotted this pair in Bella-Wella-bo-Bella's Etsy shop. I was like, mmmm....gloves? YES! Now they're mine!! I would love to wear them for the wedding, but I picture the outfit with gloves with a lace trim around the wrist....
So I ordered some from Ebay for $1... plus some other $1 goodies that haven't gotten here yet.
When all of my jewelry and other accessories come in, I'll put together a few versions of the outfit and maybe let you all vote on the best one? Heck, I might just go for something different all together. I'm ooooone fickle lady.
So how was your week??


  1. That's a cute turtle. Too bad you couldn't see its cuteness, but I understand because I can't stand anything that looks at all insect-like.

    I love the colour of your new dress and look forward to see how you plan to style it.

  2. Oh the turtle is so tiny - I did a big SQUEE when I saw the photo. I love the hat and the colour is amazing. The dress and cardi combo look very nice. Looking fwd to seeing more of you art and craft.

  3. Hollie so much goof stuff in one post!
    Love your Grandma hat and the jewelry and the dress color looks great on you.

  4. Aw, the turtle is so cute and little. Your Grandmother's hat is fabulous. I love the colour. It's a shame it's not going to be right for your wedding outfit because the fuschia would look great with the colour of your dress.

  5. Oh my goodness! What a little poppet that turtle is! I could never have let it go :)

  6. Eeeek! I've got a tortoise and he's massive comapared to that baby turtle. I want him!
    Love your turquoise frock and magnificent hat! xxx

  7. No turtles for me!! To the pond you go! Love that Maichael's haul. Fun accessories. I can't wait to see how you decide to style the dress.
    Becky :)


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