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Saturday, April 13, 2013

thrifty troubles

I've been feeling pretty lazy for the past couple days. I've cleaned the house top to bottom several times this week, but I just can't bring myself to clean the bedroom. The dirty bedroom usually consists of clean laundry that's been knocked off the bed onto the floor and shoes. That's all. Nothing major. But I just don't feel like doing it. I even piled all the stuff from the floor onto the bed and told myself that I can't go to sleep until all the clothes have been put away. That didn't work (like it usually does) I just threw everything off the bed into a nice neat pile in the corner of the room... and then onto the bed again.
My other Vixy leopard platform shoe is buried somewhere in there.
Today I was reminded of why I HATE thrift shopping in this darn town. There are four charity shops here and they all suck. Lemme break it down for you:
 The Salvation Army  has gone "upscale" so no more vintage anything. PLUS they got rid of their books before they moved to their new location, so now all that's left is crappy 1980s non-fiction and collectors series romance paperbacks.
Goodwill has gone "upscale" AND doubled their prices- so no vintage, and definitely no good deals.
The Domestic Violence Resale Shop closes before I've even had a chance to have my third cup of coffee.
Now, the Good Samaritan is a decent store. Very low prices... perhaps too low because the shop is dang near empty every time I go in there.
 I went out today to look for a few clothing items for my trip to New York in June and all I came home with was a skirt, a purse and a Dionne Warwick record. That's actually one of the biggest thrifting purchases I've made in a long time. That's how bad these stores suck.
So what's thrifting like where you live? Good? Bad? Fair?

 Enough about that. Heeeeeres me! Busty, busty me...
Tank: Walmart
Bolero: Rainbow
Scarf: thrited
Shoes and skirt: hand-me-downs
"Guess what? I'm a making poopie..."
"You gonna get that, right?"


  1. Love the long white maxi. I have that same pile of clothes in my room!!! lolzzzz My clothes seriously get the best of me...
    Thrifting is ok around here, but a tad pricey. They have vintage sections where they triple the price or boutique sections where they do the same thing. It's BS.
    Becky :)

  2. omg his double chin is soooo feakin' adorable!! sucks about no good thrift stores there though. GW has also drastically increased prices here in the past few years, i think it was a corporate-wide thing but sometimes i can find some good things on half off day or randomly, like a mini laptop back that looks new for a few bucks today. anyway, thx for your comment! it made me laugh because tights are impossible in summer over here in the desert heat : ).

  3. That white maxi/lime green tee combo is gorgeous on you. Charity shopping can be very hit and miss, nothing for ages then scoring big time - like that fabulous skirt.
    Our town is rough and run down and so are most of the surrounding areas, so the stuff's cheap but never fancy - bit like me! xxxx

  4. Didn't you just have a baby? You look great!! Try setting a timer for 10 minutes and start working on that bedroom. You'll be surprised at how much you can get done in 10 minutes and once you get started you might not want to stop!

  5. What a Cutie lol. No, the thrift stores by me have all either put their prices up, or their stick has dried up. I'm finding that I can get better deals on the high street now than I can in the charity shop.

  6. too cute. hopefully when you sort your pile, you will come across some clothes you did not remember you had. i am sorting out my closet now. i have a good thrift shop called. waterfront rescue mission. during holidays hey have $0.69 cents days where a certain color tag (red, blue, yellow, etc). is 69 cents. that is any and everything you find. i found a brand new coffee pot for 60 cents b/c it had a yellow tag :)

  7. We have tons of thrift stores where I live. Everything from super cheap charity shops to ridiculously-priced Goodwill. I go to them all :)

  8. Its too bad that the Salvation Army and the Goodwill store are now upscale and that you don't have many other choices to thrift in your city. However you did really good with this outfit and get all of your thrift-out when you go to NYC!

  9. How adorable are his cheeks and little face!!!!

    I know what you mean about thrift stores. We have several where I live and it seems all they carry as of late is a ton of Old Navy and Dress Barn clothing from the early 00s. The one I go to most used to have an awesome vintage section, but no one kept it up and mainly it's just 70s pants suits now!

    Super cute outfit! I'm kicking myself that I got rid of my white skirt like that. It looks lovely on you :-)

  10. You look fabulous :)
    Our charity shops, I am sure, lose all their good bits to the 'vintage' clothes shop which is a shame. I don't even bother now, as time and again I come away disappointed.

  11. I can tell you have some great happy energy! Sorry to hear about the lack of thrift stores with good cheap stuff. I'm pretty lucky Portland has a bunch from cheap to high priced. I think the key is to go a lot but the good cheap stuff ones fast. You look pretty in this skirt and big boobs, love them;p

  12. Aw, that sucks that you don't have good thrifting options, I feel for you. I hate it when thrift stores go upscale and overprice anything that looks old. There's only one thrift shop in town here, and it's pretty good, but nothing like what I'm used to in Canada. :(
    Your little guy is adorable and already looks so grown up! Xo

  13. Awww look at his cute little pained poop face!

    Sarah xxx


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