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Sunday, June 9, 2013

NY: Day Five

A little grumpy, a little tired and very hungry.
Day five was our last day in NY. We all took it easy and chose to stick around in Tarrytwon instead of going back into the city... which was a good idea because my husband's bank froze his credit card when they saw the charges being made in NY so we only had so much money until the bank released the freeze.
The weather was NICE! Say what?!? YES and the temperatures were expected to drop eve more... once we left. I told you NY hates me. HAHAHA!
So in Tarrytown we hit up a pizza joint and I got this massive spinach mushroom roll.
I. Ate. The. Whole. Thing.
At home, I would have only eaten about a fourth of something like this but I... I , don't know. I have no idea why I ate that whole damn thing. I just did.
No shame. No regrets.
Later we did a little bit of shopping and then we hit the road for another 25 agonizing hours.
The end.
Now lemme share with you a little bit of what I picked up in NY. This isn't including husband's clothes and touristy souvenirs.
I got this sun dress at the festival in Tarrytown for $20. I think that's the most I've ever paid for a casual dress but I looooved it so much. When I put it on my boobs made is tent out in the front and tuned it into a mumu, so I cinched it was waist with the sash from the dress I wore to the rehearsal dinner.
These sandals came from a retail shop called Pay Half - buy one pair get one 50% off. Yay!!
So the total for both pairs of sandals was like $9!
The baby clothes also came from Pay Half as well. You can't find anything cute like this in our town AND it was all under $10.

You for sure can't find ethnic decor like this here so I snatched up this swag (and some AMAZING incense) at the festival for $15. 
This tank dress came from H&M for $7. I thought it was just a cute tank until I got home and tried it on and discovered it's a dress. I'm a little uncomfortable with the tightness but I really really like it. When I turn to the side my body shaper makes my belly look round and tight like I'm six months pregnant so I'll hold on to it until fall so I can wear a cardi with it to help cover all that up.
This top also came from H&M. It's all about the details. It's super soft with shiny gold buttons, natural cotton fibers embedded in fabric and I especially love the longer back... and it was only $7.
Dang, I wish we had an H&M here!
This necklace didn't come from NY but it was waiting for me in the mail when I got home. It's another one of my 99. eBay finds. Love it!
Sorry there's not more to share from my shopping excursions but um... we spent most of our money on... dining out on tasty NY food.
I adore fashion but you can't eat a dress!


  1. The funniest line: I adore fashion but you can't eat a dress!!!!!
    You score some great finds for even greater prices. Baby River is going to look New York sleek!
    Even though is difficult when banks put a freeze in credit cards or debit cards; I like to think that is for the best.
    The ethnic wall fabric is fabulous and you look sexy in your H&M dress.

  2. I love that Indian curtain, your tie-dye hippytastic dress and River's cool thread but most of all I'm lusting after that spinach roll and it's not even 9am! xxx

  3. sounds like you all had super fun! thanks for the updates! River is precious as ever and your dresses are great!

  4. LOVE the ethnic curtain!! and the tight H & M dress!!!!

  5. There's some great buys there! And River is going to be the best-dressed boy back home! Since I''m headed to your part of the country this week, what should I buy in Paris? I'm thinkin' boots.

    Hey, I loved your pics in VOGOFF! And I need to get that button on my site, too. I hope it's easy.

  6. I actually think that H&M dress looks mighty good on you.

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