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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Renaissance Woman: In Motion pt 3

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Sunday - October 7th - The last day of the faire
The last day of the faire was slow and steady. We had long since brought our finances into the black and now it was time to just sit and relax. No more worries!
Even though we only ended up with 15 vendors (albeit 15 awesome vendors) the stage shows were no doubt the highlight of  the faire.
 Daniel Greenwolf, a celtic magician from Connecticut was no doubt the crowd favorite.
 Seadog Slam, a poetic pirate group from Hillsboro, TX was a refreshing twist on ren faire entertainment.
 Bellanatana belly dance troupe from Ft Worth, TX were STUNNING!
 Finn & Fiona from came all the way from Florida! The were SO cute!!!
Abby Green is a gorgeous redhead from Austin, TX who sings traditional Irish songs.
Overall preparation for the faire was NOT easy. I cried, I yelled, I stamped my feet and worked my pregnant self to the point of pure exhaustion. There were times when I hated myself for starting such a big project for fear that I had bitten off more than I could chew... but in the end I proved to myself and the town of Texarkana that if you want something done... JUST DO IT!
Sitting around in bars and keg parties complaining about how there's nothing to do in this town will get you nowhere. If you have the desire, the proper connections and a little bit of know-how, then get off your butt and make it happen.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Amazing job!!! Love your tee!!! Ren Fest is the funnesttttt!

  2. This was a good series. So interesting to see how it all came together.

  3. I can't even begin to imagine how you accomplish so much pregnant!
    The entertainment looks so good and such a variety of acts!

  4. What a story---how amazing that your best day financially was the day of a storm, ha ha! And you didn't give up. You totally rock. I want one of those T shirts!

  5. Good job! I would love to someday come to one of your faires, or maybe even to PERFORM at one! :) Oh they look like so much fun! Whhhhhhhy do you have to live soooooooo far away lol? :P


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